London Fire Brigade warn against losing keys over Christmas

Firefighters are concerned that the number of 999 calls from people locked out of their homes could rise over the festive period.

Firefighters warn public not to lose keys over Christmas

London Fire Brigade is today warning Christmas party goers not to lose their keys and end up locked out of their homes over the festive period.

London fire crews have attended more than 28,000 'locked out' calls since April 2009.

Third Officer Dave Brown said: "Getting locked out can be a real pain, but you should not dial 999 unless there is a real emergency. We're urging everyone to take care with their keys and this is something we're particularly concerned about with the Christmas party season upon us.

"If you're planning on having a few Christmas sherries, we' d urge you to leave a key with a friend or neighbour, rather than risk calling 999 and wasting emergency service time.

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