More than a third of Right to Buy homes privately rented

New research has revealed 36% of homes sold through 'Right to Buy' in London are now let by private landlords.

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Right to Buy 'poor value for money' for taxpayers

Today's report shows for the first time that Right to Buy, a policy ostensibly about helping aspiring home owners, has led to tens-of-thousands of London's former council homes being rented out by private landlords.

This has helped to fuel the increase in the housing benefit bill, heaped more pressure on local authority waiting lists and led to more Londoners being forced into the under-regulated private rented sector.

This shows that Right to Buy currently represents incredibly poor value for money to taxpayers. Not only did they pay to build the home in the first place, they then subsidised the considerable discounts offered to tenants and then missed out on the rental income that would have covered the build costs.

Now, we have the indignity of London boroughs renting back their former council homes at higher market rent levels, once again costing taxpayers through the nose.

– Tom Copley, Labour London Assembly member

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