Far-right Hungarian rally planned in London

Anti-fascists will today protest against a political rally being held in central London by a far-right Hungarian political party.

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Unite Against Fascism statement on far-right rally

"The leader of Jobbik, the Hungarian fascist party, Gabor Vona, plans to speak in London this Sunday 26 January 2014. He wants to drum up support among London’s Hungarian community and Nazi BNP members ahead of May’s European elections.

Vona will use his visit to meet leaders of the British National Party and the Greek Golden Dawn movement, whose members have expressed admiration for Hitler.

UAF is calling a counter protest on Sunday. We are urging all anti-fascists and anti racists to join us. It is vital we denounce this meeting of hate and oppose any lash up of Nazi parties across Europe."

– Unite Against Fascism statement

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