Man jailed for killing policeman in Sutton hit-and-run

A man has been jailed for eight and a half years for killing a police officer by running him down as he tried to stop his car, an act he has been "boasting" about in prison.

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Traffic police 'deserve more legal protection'

Traffic police deserve more legal protection when carrying out their duty, Assembly Member Jenny Jones said in a statement, after a man was jailed for eight and a half years for running down PC Andy Duncan. Ms Jones said:

The starting point for jail time for the murder of an on-duty police officer is 30 years, but clearly that doesn't apply to people driving a car dangerously.

If someone came at a police officer with a knife, or any other metal object and refused to stop before they killed them, then they would be in jail for decades. Gary Bromige will be out and probably driving around in a few years’ time.

[The] justice system must dump this stupid idea that different rules apply when you get behind the wheel.

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