Satellite image shows surface water runoff after floods

As the floods slowly subside, in some areas to ground is so wet it can't sink in.

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Flood update: levels in Staines 'unprecedented'

Residents in Staines were woken by telephone flood alerts today as the River Thames submerged a footpath and began to move towards homes on Laleham Road.

"We've been living here for 30 years and we've never seen it so high. We got a phone call from the Environment Agency at 7.30am with a flood alert."It is concerning. What will happen if it gets into the houses? You can't move everything. What if you've got heavy furniture?"

– Denise Bristow, 63

"I've been in the fire brigade for a long time and I've never seen water at this depth before and the amount of people that we're actually having to rescue.The amount of calls we're getting to rescues at the moment is unprecedented.We've got crews that are constantly out."

– Station manager Paul Jones, Berkshire Fire and Rescue

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