Chelsea star David Luiz 'clamped' while posing for selfie

David Luiz appeared to have his car clamped while posing for a selfie in central London.

Actor Colin Newell spotted the Chelsea star near Charing Cross and asked him to pose for a photo:

But a traffic warden sprung into action and a picture of his 'clamped' car was posted on Twitter.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Colin Newell said:

"I said to him can I have a quick picture... and he forgot about his car. We took the picture and were clowning around for a bit – he’s a bit of a livewire – and when he went back to it there was a dirty great big yellow clamp on his Range Rover.

"Those clampers were fast, like ninjas. It was not a nice thing to happen. He had only left it there for five minutes."

But doubts were cast on its authenticity after Westminster Council told the Standard it stopped clamping vehicles six years ago.