Charges dropped against 'yid chant' football fans

Charges have been dropped against three football fans who were facing prosecution for using the word "Yid".

Gary Whybrow, Sam Parsons and Peter Ditchman were all hauled before magistrates after allegedly using the language at Tottenham Hotspur matches last autumn.

Today the Crown Prosecution Service said the words could not legally be counted as "threatening, abusive or insulting" in the circumstances.

"In considering whether a criminal offence could be proved we have to look objectively at the words used, and the context in which they were used.

As part of the review, the context of the use of the words alleged in this case was reconsidered, and we have decided that, although the same words used in other contexts could in theory satisfy the criteria for 'threatening, abusive or insulting', it is unlikely that a court would find that they were in the context of the three particular cases in question."

– Baljit Ubhey, Crown Prosecution Service

Police had previously warned football fans not to use the word, which is used to refer to Tottenham Hotspur fans and is regularly used in football chants.