Teen jailed for ordering 'deadly' weaponry

Reza Khalilzada ordered the weaponry to be delivered to his family home in Middlesex Credit: Metropolitan Police

An 18-year-old who stored a machine gun, gun components, nunchucks, CS gas and a host of other weaponry at his family home was jailed for six years imprisonment today. Reza Khalilzada, a Dutch national living in Pinner, Middlesex, ordered the guns from America online.

Credit: Metropolitan Police

Police were alerted when customs officers scanned one of his parcels which said it contained an ornament - but when x-rayed revealed a machine gun and 187 rounds of ammunition. When officers raided his home they found a number of other weapons.

An assault rifle uncovered at the home Credit: Metropolitan Police

Detective Inspector Rob Murray, of the Central Task Force, said: “Khalilzada’s arsenal contained everything one person would need to potentially kill and seriously injure a lot of people."

Credit: Metropolitan Police