Taser use by Metropolitan Police substantially increases

The use of tasers by the Metropolitan Police substantially increased between 2011 and 2013, according to new figures from the Home Office. The police force said despite the increase in usage, there has been a fall in firings.

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Police: Firings of tasers fell despite increase in usage

The Metropolitan Police said there has been a marked fall in the number of times tasers have been fired, despite figures showing a dramatic increase in usage.

"Despite an increase in usage of Taser over the last two years we have seen a marked fall in firings from 20% in 2010 to 11.7% in 2013," a statement read.

"That means in nearly 90% of occasions where Taser is drawn the mere presence of the Taser was sufficient to bring the situation to a successful conclusion without any direct force being used."

A spokesman added that a programme to extend the use of tasers among trained officers in boroughs has enabled violent or potentially violent incidents to be dealt with far quicker.

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