Man jailed for 15 weeks for stealing a kitten

10-month-old Mercy Credit: Met Police

A man who stole a kitten on Christmas day and gave it to his mother has been jailed for 15 weeks. James Boyce was charged on March 13 for breaking into a flat on Bovingdon Lane, Colindale on Christmas day.

The 31-year-old stole a kitten, called Mercy, from the address and made threats to the occupant. He then gave the 10-month-old kitten to his mother for Christmas, saying he bought it at a pet shop.

Later that day his mother's neighbour reported a burglary at her flat. Officers entered the mother's home and found Boyce asleep in bed with the kitten beside him. 'Mercy' was returned to her rightful owner and Boyce was arrested for residential burglary and threatening behaviour.

He was sentenced to 15 weeks in prison, following a hearing at West London Magistrates Court.