Emergency services report on largest exercise

London Fire Brigade has warned residents near the Docklands not to be alarmed by the number of response teams in the area, as part of it's largest ever training exercise. Two hundred and twenty emergency services teams are there to test the response to an air crash.

The scene has been simulated with a real Boeing 737 aircraft, buried in tonnes of rubble. One hundred actors are playing the part of casualties.


The fuselage from a Boeing 737 plane that's involved in our #emergencyexercise. This is not real, just training #E16 http://t.co/hAIGMjCqJ6


Don't be alarmed this is the scene from our #emergencyexercise going on in East #London. Once again this isn't real. http://t.co/6U8TD59yTg



Emergency services called to 'plane crash' in Docklands

Two hundred and twenty emergency services personnel have been called to a simulated plane crash in London.