Gangsters guilty of murdering mother during birthday celebration

Three men have been found guilty of murdering an innocent young mother who became caught up in a bloody drugs turf war during a night out celebrating her 24th birthday.

Nursery schoolteacher Sabrina Moss and her friend Sabrina Gachette were gunned down in the street by two hooded men armed with a machine gun and a shot gun.

Miss Moss was shot in the heart and died later in hospital. Miss Gachette was hit in the back by more than 50 gunshot pellets and was lucky to survive.

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'Callous gangsters' wanted to injure, maim or murder

This was a callous act, committed by three individuals who were willing to fire a MAC 10 and a double barrelled shotgun indiscriminately at a group of people outside a busy restaurant.

They waited until a large group of people were together and then fired at their victims. It is clear they wanted to injure, maim or even murder as many of those people as possible, without any consideration as to who was within that group.

Both Sabrina Moss and Sabrina Gachette were the innocents caught up in something they had no knowledge of and no involvement in.

– Detective Chief Inspector Andy Partridge, Met Police

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