Gangsters guilty of murdering mother during birthday celebration

Three men have been found guilty of murdering an innocent young mother who became caught up in a bloody drugs turf war during a night out celebrating her 24th birthday.

Nursery schoolteacher Sabrina Moss and her friend Sabrina Gachette were gunned down in the street by two hooded men armed with a machine gun and a shot gun.

Miss Moss was shot in the heart and died later in hospital. Miss Gachette was hit in the back by more than 50 gunshot pellets and was lucky to survive.

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Guilty verdicts will take 'violent people off the streets'

Sabrina Gachette Credit: PA

On the guilty verdicts, Sabrina Gachette said:

Justice has not only been served for us as victims, it has been done for the community - there are violent people off the streets.

We went out for Sabrina's birthday. Everyone was just having a fantastic night. There was nothing out of the ordinary that happened that night. People were outside smoking, talking, then out of nowhere I just felt this weight on my back. I went down to the ground, didn't see or hear anyone around me. There was no warning. It felt like a brick. I thought someone had thrown a brick at me. Then because of the explosion I thought it was a firework.

Sabrina was in front of me and that was when I heard her say she had been shot in her heart. That is the last thing I remember hearing her say. It was not until Sabrina said what she said I realised I had been shot. I remember collapsing at the entrance of the Woody Grill and dragging myself in. I just remember seeing her in front of me. It's strange because I had a feeling she wouldn't make it. We both lay on the floor in the kebab shop. Armed police arrived, paramedics arrived. From there, I was taken to hospital.

– Sabrina Gachette

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