Rise in sex offences on train and tube

Sex offences on trains and the London Underground have risen by more than 30%, according to new figures from the British Transport Police

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Rise in sex offences on trains and tubes

Sex offences on underground trains are on the increase Credit: Edward Smith/EMPICS Entertainment

New figures from British Transport Police have revealed a rise in the number of people being sexually assaulted on trains and tubes.

Nationwide, the number of sexual offences recorded in 2013/4 was 1,117, a 20.8% increase on the previous year.

On the London Underground and DLR, while total crime was the same as last year, sex crimes were up 31.2% and violence against passengers up 9.5% Drugs offences were up 54.5%

On the south east rail network, total crime was down 3%, and violent crime was down 5%, but sex offences were up 30% and those involving drugs jumped 57%.

British Transport Police officers monitor passengers at Stratford station Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The force says an increased awareness of the need to report sexual assaults is partly behind the rise.

"Part of this increase can be attributed to the high-profile prosecutions of celebrities for historical offences which have, undoubtedly, given victims more confidence to come forward."

– British Transport Police

But unions reacted angrily, with Mick Cash, acting general secretary of the RMT saying: "The 10% increase in violence on LU and the DLR should also serve as a wake-up call to London Mayor Boris Johnson who is ploughing ahead with his own plans to remove station and platform staff and close ticket offices. The cuts to jobs and services have to be reversed if we are to stop our transport services from descending deeper into the kinds of criminals' paradise that is exposed in these horrific new statistics."

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