Rise in sex offences on train and tube

Sex offences on trains and the London Underground have risen by more than 30%, according to new figures from the British Transport Police

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She was sexually assaulted on the tube. What she did next might surprise you.

Police moved to reassure commuters today after revealing a huge increase in sexual assaults on our transport network. Total crime on trains and tubes in London and the South East has remained reasonably stable - more than 40 thousand offences is slightly down on last year. But there's been a sharp increase in sex crimes reported - on the tube and DLR up 31% to 428. On trains its a similar picture - sexual offences are up 30% to 417.

Police say it's because victims feel more comfortable coming forward. So should we feel safe on public transport?

See more of what Ellie did to reclaim the tube, following the assault. WARNING: her YouTube video at this link contains sexually explicit language.

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