Cancer sufferer 'runs for her life' as sewage gushes through her home

A cancer sufferer says she had to 'run for her life' after sewage started gushing through her home in north London.

Speaking to the Kilburn Times, 72-year-old Maura Moloney accused her landlord of failing to tackle the problem:

The seal is broken and they said a plumber will come on this Friday but I threatened to call 999 and so he will come within 24 hours.

My friends will come and we’ll go to the pub at the end of the road to use the toilet. I laugh and I cry all the time but what can I do?

It was meant to be a lovely day but wee and poo were coming out the door and people were running for their lives.

– Maura Moloney, speaking to the Kilburn Times

Genesis [the landlord] is working closely with Brent Council, who installed the wet room, to agree a way forward for ensuring there are no further drainage problems at this property.

– Genesis statement