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Businesses asked to contribute to Thames flood fund

Flood water surrounding the M3 motorway near to Chertsey in February last year. Credit: PA Wire.

Businesses and utility companies will be approached to contribute towards a £300m River Thames defence scheme, the BBC reports.

The government has pledged another £60 million to the project, taking it to a total of £220m. The Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (RFCC) will add another £30m, leaving a £50 million hole in the fund which Surrey council are hoping businesses will fill.

In February 2014, flooding devastated homes and business along the river. Surrey leader David Lodge told the BBC:

The government's increased funding has made the scheme more achievable but it still leaves it around £50m short.

That is why we will be seeking funding from utility companies, businesses and local enterprise partnerships whose customers and residents will benefit from the river defence while also committing to contributing towards this vital project ourselves.

– David Lodge


Wednesday morning weather forecast

Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Chilly start but winter sunshine in between the fair weather cloud.

Bright breaks this afternoon between the cloud but staying fairly chilly, particularly in the breeze.

Very heavy rain tonight and strong winds so a wet start to Thursday.

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