Areas of London most at risk

List of boroughs where residents are most at risk of death from lung or heart causes - due to increased summer temperatures

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North Korean gripe over hair advert reaches Whitehall

Complaints from the North Korean embassy against a hair salon's poster poking fun at their leader's unusual hairstyle has reached the corridors of power in Whitehall.

The Foreign Office confirmed it received a letter of complaint from the North Korean embassy this week
The Foreign Office confirmed it received a letter of complaint from the North Korean embassy this week Credit: ITV News

The Foreign Office has confirmed it received a letter this week complaining about the picture of Kim Jong-Un which was displayed in M&M hair Academy's window in South Ealing.

The advert said: "Bad Hair Day? 15% off all gent cuts through the month of April."

Staff at the west London salon were confronted by two men claiming to be North Korean officials over the marketing stunt earlier this month.

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Boris Johnson greeted by angry protesters

Boris Johnson was greeted by angry protesters as he arrived at a community centre in Muswell Hill.

The demonstrators, who were protesting about the lack of affordable housing in the capital, were held back behind a police cordon.

Mayor safely behind the police cordon. Credit: ITV News/Simon Harris
Boris Johnon runs the gauntlet of protesters outside a community centre in Muswell Hill. Credit: ITV News/Simon Harris

WWF prepares for Earth Hour at London's Southbank


Here's @sophieeb taking her panda #selfie - head down to south bank at 11.30 to join us & take your own!


Our soon to be pandas are getting ready to bust out some moves along Southbank in #LDN! #EarthHour



Hackney and Tower Hamlets residents most at risk

London basks in the sun in July last year Credit: Jeff Moore/Empics Entertainment

Scientists from Imperial College London say that in the most vulnerable districts, in London and the southeast, the odds of dying from heart or lung causes increased by more than 10 per cent for every 1C rise in temperature.

Those most at risk areas include more deprived districts of London such as Hackney and Tower Hamlets, with the odds of dying more than doubling on very hot days.

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