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Second day of counter-terror exercise in the Capital

A major counter-terrorism exercise is being carried out in London for a second day to ensure emergency services are prepared.

A mock terrorist firearms attack is being staged in the capital to test the response to a Tunisian-style mass shooting.

Officers, emergency services, soldiers and intelligence officials are taking part in the operation.

Police enact mock shooting in terror training exercise

Armed gunmen stalked the streets of central London today firing blank bullets as part of a police training exercise.

More than 1,000 police took place in the exercise - where gunmen simulated attacking commuters in the London Underground - and more than 12 other agencies and emergency workers.

Rags Martel reports.

Family tribute to London couple killed in Tunisia terror attack

The family of Janet John Stocker, two of the British people killed in the Sousse terror attack in Tunisia last Friday, have paid tribute to the south London couple.

John Stocker, 74, was born in Peckham, whilst Janet Stocker, 63, was born in Fulham. They are survived by their five children and 10 grandchildren.

Janet and John Stocker. Credit: Family handout.

Mum and dad were the happiest, most loving couple who enjoyed life’s simple pleasures as well as the pleasures and love of their extensive family and their many friends, but most of all they were still very much in love with each other.

They were both young at heart and enjoyed all that life could offer, and especially enjoyed travelling to new places, exploring and appreciating local cultures, and they died together doing what they enjoyed most; sunbathing side by side.

They made a huge impact on our lives, and touched the hearts of so many people and they will both be sorely missed and never forgotten by the family and all that knew and loved them for all the reasons that made them so special as a couple, and as the two most honest and genuine people that they were.

– Stocker family statement
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