Areas of London most at risk

List of boroughs where residents are most at risk of death from lung or heart causes - due to increased summer temperatures

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North Circular shrouded by smoke as car bursts into flames

Part of the North Circular ground to a halt during this morning's rush hour after a car burst into flames.


A406 North Circular Road is blocked S/B between the M11 and Redbridge due to a car fire


Thick smoke drifted across the carriageway near South Woodford just before 6:30am.


A406 (North Circular Road) Expect the road to be closed for a while. A little smoky down there...... SEVERE DELAYS.


Met Police say no one was injured, and the fire was extinguished just after 9am. The road has now reopened.


Traffic easing southbound on A406 now that only lane 1 (of 4) remains closed.....



London pollution

Ultra Low Emissions Zone

Transport for London bosses will meet today to discuss mapping for a new 'Ultra Low Emissions Zone' that they hope will reduce the capitals extremely high air pollution levels. The scheme, due to come into effect by 2020, will see diesel vehicles charged if they drive into the zone.

Schoolgirl murder accused in court

Man accused of murdering schoolgirl in 1993 due to appear in court

A man will appear in court today charged with the murder of 16 year old Claire Tiltman in 1993. Colin Ash-Smith is accussed of stabbing the schoolgirl in an alleyway near her home in Kent. She was killed days before her birthday.


Blakelock accused in court

Man accused of killing PC Blakelock due to appear in court

A man charged with murdering PC Keith Blakelock during the Tottenham riots more than two decades ago will appear in court today. 45 year old Nicholas Jacobs has been accused of killing the 40 year old officer as he tried to protect firefighters at the height of the unrest in 1985.

Protest outside Russian Embassy in London

Hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the Russian Embassy in west London to voice their anger at the current events in the Crimea region of Ukraine.


Several hundred protesting outside Russian embassy in London. Syrian revolution flags mixed in with Ukrainian ones.


Protesters outside the Russian Embassy (Kensington Palace Gardens) this afternoon.


Click here for the full story of what is happening in Ukraine.

Exclusive Chelsea restaurant damaged by fire

Fire broke out in an exclusive Chelsea restaurant today as staff were getting ready to open for lunch. The blaze began in an air vent at Daphne's in Draycott Avenue.

The restaurant is run by Richard Caring, who also owns The Ivy along with a string of private members clubs. Fire crews say the blaze is now under control, but there is considerable smoke damage to the kitchen and restaurant.


Crikey, all happening in #Chelsea. Age old favourite eaterie Daphne's in Draycott Avenue is on fire.


No one was injured and the cause of the fire is now under investigation. Draycott Avenue is still sealed off.

"I am looking for the nice things in life"

Alice Herz-Sommer had been confined in the camp in Terezin, or Theresienstadt, in Germany during the Second World War. She was a talented musician and an adept pianist and was recently the subject of an Oscar-nominated documentary about her life.

In an interview with the Guardian in 2006 she said:

"For 30 years I have eaten the same, fish or chicken. Good soup, and this is all. I don't drink, not tea, not coffee, not alcohol. Hot water. I walk a lot with terrible pains, but after 20 minutes it is much better. Sitting or lying is not good..."

"I am looking for the nice things in life. I know about the bad things, but I look only for the good things."

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