Tom Bradby

Political Editor

Tom Bradby is Political Editor for ITV News, renowned for his expert analysis and inimitable interviewing style. Tom led ITV News coverage of the 2010 General Election and regularly conducts exclusive interviews with the most influential figures in Westminster and the political arena - his interview with John Bercow was shortlisted for the Nick Clarke Award in 2009.

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James Mates

Europe Editor

As Europe Editor, James Mates reports and adds analysis to the most significant stories and complex events taking place in Europe. James also regularly presents ITV News programmes.

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Richard Edgar

Economics Editor

Richard is the Economics Editor for ITV News, reporting and analysing the challenges and recovery of the UK economy. Richard has been covering financial news for 15 years, bringing insight and analysis to events in Britain and around the world.

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Chris Choi

Consumer Editor

Chris Choi is Consumer Editor for ITV News and covers a wide range of economic, industrial and social issues. He delivers some of the most powerful stories for ITV News by getting to the heart of consumer issues, holding businesses to account and interviewing ordinary people directly affected.

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Steve Scott

Sports Editor

Steve Scott is Sports Editor for ITV News and also regularly presents ITV News programmes. Steve has covered major events such as the 2010 World Cup and the London 2012 Olympics.

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Mark Austin

ITV News presenter

Mark is a multi-award winning journalist who co-presents ITV News at Ten, often from places as far afield as the Antarctic, Somalia and Afghanistan. In 2010, Mark won a BAFTA for his part in ITV News's coverage of the Haiti earthquake.

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Julie Etchingham

ITV News presenter

Julie Etchingham has co-presented ITV News at Ten since its re-launch in January 2008, presenting the programme from locations such as Liverpool, Washington, Islamabad and Japan and fronting special coverage of the Royal Wedding and Diamond Jubilee. Julie also presents the Tonight programme for ITV1 and was the first women to be named Royal Television Society Presenter of the Year in 2010.

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Alastair Stewart

ITV News presenter

Alastair Stewart OBE presents ITV News at 1.30pm and co-presents ITV News at 6.30pm. Alastair also presented ITV's Election 2010 programme and made television history as he moderated the First Election Debate on ITV1 between David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg. He was winner of the Royal Television Society Award for Presenter of the Year in 2005.

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Robert Moore

Washington Correspondent

Washington Correspondent Robert Moore covers all major North America stories for ITV News and led our coverage of the US presidential race in 2012. He is one of ITV's most experienced correspondents and has previously been based in London, Moscow, Brussels and Jerusalem

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Chris Ship

Deputy Political Editor

Chris is Deputy Political Editor for ITV News. He's based at Westminster and covers politics, government and Parliament. Taking a lead on defence stories, Chris has travelled widely in Afghanistan with politicians and British troops.

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John Ray

Diplomatic Correspondent

John Ray is Diplomatic Correspondent for ITV News. He was formerly Middle East Correspondent and was the first Western TV journalist to report from inside Syria's borders at the start of the war.

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Rohit Kachroo

Africa Correspondent

Currently based in Johannesburg, Rohit Kachroo is the Africa Correspondent for ITV News, covering stories across the African continent. In 2011 Rohit won Young Journalist of the Year at the Royal Television Society Awards for Journalism.

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John Irvine

Senior International Correspondent

Senior International Correspondent John Irvine set up the ITV News Dubai bureau in 2010 and covers stories across the Indian sub continent, Africa and the Gulf region for ITV News. He won two Royal Television Society Awards for his reports on the Gulf War and was also the first ITV News correspondent to report from Port-au-Prince after the Haiti earthquake, forming part of the ITV News team that won a BAFTA for coverage of the disaster.

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Martin Geissler

ITV News Correspondent

Martin Geissler is a Correspondent for ITV News, covering the main national and international stories. His job has taken him around the world from South Africa to Iceland.

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Emma Murphy

Europe Correspondent

Emma Murphy is Europe Correspondent for ITV News. She is based in Brussels but has also covered major foreign stories further afield including the Japanese tsunami and the Arab spring.

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Tim Ewart

Royal Correspondent

Tim Ewart is Royal Correspondent for ITV News, covering all royal news and events. Tim has interviewed Prince Charles and the Duke of York and accompanied The Queen, the Prince of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry on international tours. He also led ITV News coverage of the build-up to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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Libby Wiener

Political Correspondent

Libby Wiener is an experienced Political Correspondent for ITV News. She works from the House of Commons, reporting on all political news.

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Mary Nightingale


Mary co-presents the Evening news. She has twice won Newscaster of the Year at the Television & Radio Industries Club Awards. Mary was the newscaster who broke the news of the death of the Queen Mother, and fronted ITV News’ BAFTA nominated coverage. Mary also played a key role in ITV’s 2010 Election coverage and reported from Westminster Abbey during the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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Geraint Vincent

Middle East Correspondent

Geraint is the Middle East Correspondent at ITV News. He is responsible for covering many of the events in the region including the Syrian civil war, the aftermath of the Arab Spring, and the relationship between Israel and neighbouring states.

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Carl Dinnen

Political Correspondent

Carl joined ITV News in 2012 as a Political Correspondent. He has previously worked at Channel 4 News.

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Rageh Omaar

International Affairs Editor

Rageh is ITV's International Affairs Editor, responsible for covering major news stories across the world. He is also the Presenter of "On Assignment", ITV's new Current Affairs programme. He was previously Senior Foreign Correspondent for the BBC, where he covered the 2nd Gulf war from Baghdad, before leaving to report and present for Al Jazeera

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Lucy Verasamy

ITV Weather Presenter

Lucy is a trained meteorologist who regularly presents the weather bulletins on ITV. From Hurricane Katrina to the Iceland Ash cloud threat and extreme weather events in the UK, Lucy has provided context and analysis of the main weather stories of the last few years. Before joining ITV she worked in a number of newsrooms including Sky News, Sky Sports, and Channel Five.

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Lucy Watson

China Correspondent

Lucy is ITV News' China Correspondent, based in Beijing. Before that she was Daybreak's New York Correspondent reporting live on stories such as Superstorm Sandy, the US Election and the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

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Debi Edward

Scotland Correspondent

Debi is ITV's Scotland Correspondent. In the build up to the referendum on Independence she covers all the major stories in the country. Prior to joining ITV Debi worked for STV

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Romilly Weeks

Political Correspondent

As one of ITV's Political Correspondents, Romilly is based at Westminster. She has previously been ITV's Royal Correspondent

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Nick Ravenscroft

Brazil Correspondent

As Brazil prepares to host the World Cup and the Olympics Nick is responsible for covering the most important stories in the region. He is based in Rio.

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Ian Payne

Sports Correspondent

Ian is one of the UK's most respected sports reporters working for BBC Radio 5live and Sky Sports before joining ITV News. He has twice won a Sony for his sports reporting.

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Dan Rivers


Dan Rivers is a Correspondent for ITV News. He is responsible for covering a broad range of news stories and producing special in-depth reports.

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Joel Hills

Business Editor

Joel Hills is Business Editor for ITV News. He leads all business coverage and provides in-depth analysis of the latest business stories on the agenda, both in the UK and around the world.

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Catherine Jones

Health Editor

Cathy is the Health Editor for ITV News.responsible for leading all coverage and providing in-depth analysis of the latest stories on health, medicine and the NHS. She has gained recognition for revealing important shifts in scientific opinion on conditions such as dementia. Before specialising in health, Catherine reported on many major news events, including being embedded with the Desert Rats during the Iraq War, the aftermath of 9/11 and the Damilola Taylor trial.

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Peter MacMahon

Political Editor, ITV Border

Peter MacMahon is ITV Border's Political Editor. At such a crucial time in English and Scottish history he is responsible for reporting and analysing events at Westminster and Holyrood and how they impact people on both sides of the Scottish border. He also presents the ITV political programme Representing Border. He was formerly Deputy Editor of The Scotsman newspaper.

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Adrian Masters

Political Editor, ITV Cymru Wales

Adrian is the Political Editor for ITV Wales. On Wales At Six you'll see him reporting most evenings from the National Assembly or from Westminster. He also presents our weekly politics programme Sharp End as well as Face to Face, in which he interviews a single guest with a prominent public profile. Before joining ITV, Adrian was one of BBC Wales's most senior correspondents and has nearly 20 years presenting and reporting experience in TV and radio.

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