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  1. Alex Forrest

PM: Better to be engaged with opposition in Syria

Labour leader Ed Miliband asked the Prime Minister about the EU arms embargo - the Prime Minister and the French wanted to change it but this was rejected by the EU Council.

Mr Miliband agrees with Mr Cameron that the situation in Syria is terrible but "we mustn't make it worse".

Mr Cameron says he thinks it is best to be engaged with the opposition in Syria rather than sit back.

He says there was a "slight similarity between some of the arguments that were being made about not putting more weapons into Syria, that seemed to me very familiar to the discussions that we had about Bosnia".

  1. Alex Forrest

Ministers are not re-thinking the 'bedroom tax'

The Department for Work and Pensions tells me it is not re-thinking the so-called "bedroom tax."

But it will be "monitoring carefully" to ensure those in most need get access to help.

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