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Carl joined ITV News in 2012 as a Political Correspondent. He has previously worked at Channel 4 News.

  1. Carl Dinnen

Tories have been 'chomping at the bit' to get laws passed

This is a deliberate statement of intent from the new government.

Theresa May, the home secretary. Credit: Reuters

These are measures that the Conservative Party have been chomping at the bit to get through.

The Liberal Democrats have been proudly saying today that they blocked these measures on three separate occasions during the coalition government.

We can finally see what the Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May wants to do now that she is unshackled from the coalition.

There are other measures we may see such as the so-called Snoopers Charter, the draft Communications Bill and no-one would put a lot of money on the Human Rights Act still being entirely in place by the end of this Parliament.

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