Carl Dinnen

Political Correspondent

Carl joined ITV News in 2012 as a Political Correspondent. He has previously worked at Channel 4 News.

New anti-terror powers 'could break international law'

While the war continues in northern Iraq there is of course the concern that some jihadists will try to bring their fight to the streets of Britain.

When MPs return to the Houses of Parliament tomorrow the Prime Minister will outline tough new powers that he says the Government needs to keep Britain safe.

Those are thought to include a measure that could exclude even British nationals from returning to this country if they're thought to have been fighting in Syria.

That is something some MPs, including Liberal Democrats, say could break international law.

UK pursuing sanctions against those close to Putin

Downing Street wants to ramp up the sanctions against Russia but that's not going to happen here tonight. The groundwork for new sanctions has not yet been done.

Prime Minister David Cameron speaking to reporters after arriving at the EU summit in Brussels

The UK government wants the European Union to look at new ways of targeting individuals close to President Putin and the defence, finance and energy sectors.

These are broadly the areas where sanctions are already in place. But are they working? The Russian economy has been hit, the Rouble is at its lowest point since 1998, shares are falling.

Government sources say the Russians have been more willing to negotiate since the latest round of sanctions. But they also admit that the sanctions have yet to change the situation on the ground and that's why more are needed.