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Carl joined ITV News in 2012 as a Political Correspondent. He has previously worked at Channel 4 News.

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Survivors feel betrayed all over again by chaotic inquiry

I have been shown a letter by a victim who approached the inquiry willing to give evidence is strict confidence back in October.

She heard nothing then until this month when she suddenly got a letter from the police, who had been passed her details.

She was horrified by this - her alleged abuser was a family member and she did not want the police involved.

The inquiry say it is their policy, and it says on their website, that they will inform the police if they are told of a crime.

What this amounts to is a group of survivors who have been abused, who feel they have been very let down by the authorities in the past and who see the chaos around this inquiry and feel betrayed all over again.

  1. Carl Dinnen

The sound track to the General Election

The sound track to the General Election Credit: Dan Kitwood/PA Wire

In case you wondered, this is what the General Election will sound like....

  • Conservatives; only we can protect the Economy.
  • Labour; only we can protect the NHS.
  • Liberal Democrats; only we can protect you from those two.
  • UKIP; only we can protect you from Europe.
  • SNP; only we can protect Scotland.
  • Greens; only we can protect the Environment.

The exciting thing is that no one, but no one, quite knows what the British electorate most wants protected, and we won't find out until the 8th of May.

  1. Carl Dinnen

May plots new powers to tackle hate groups

Theresa May is proposing serious new powers to clamp down on the people and organisations who spread "hate".

Theresa May's Home Office will now fully oversee counter extremism efforts. Credit: Oli Scarff/PA Wire

There would be ASBO-style orders for hate preachers and organisations which spread extremist ideologies would be banned in the way that terrorism-linked groups can be proscribed now.

The Home Office is also going to take full control of the government's counter extremism effort now - rather than the Department for Communities and Local Government running part of it. That will include security checks to stop extremists becoming school governors or heading up charities.

But it is banning the "haters" that could prove problematic. Defining who is saying something which is so racist, sexist or homophobic that their group should be outlawed won't be straightforward.

  1. Carl Dinnen

PM's shocking situation after defection and resignation

By Carl Dinnen: ITV News Political Correspondent

Brooks Newmark has resigned as a minister for civil society but not as an MP - as far as we know - and that is over newspaper allegations, not a defection to Ukip.

Brooks Newmark

That will be cold comfort for David Cameron who is arriving in Birmingham tomorrow to a bit of a shocker of a situation just ahead of his party conference.

  1. Carl Dinnen

New anti-terror powers 'could break international law'

While the war continues in northern Iraq there is of course the concern that some jihadists will try to bring their fight to the streets of Britain.

When MPs return to the Houses of Parliament tomorrow the Prime Minister will outline tough new powers that he says the Government needs to keep Britain safe.

Those are thought to include a measure that could exclude even British nationals from returning to this country if they're thought to have been fighting in Syria.

That is something some MPs, including Liberal Democrats, say could break international law.

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