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Chris Choi is Consumer Editor for ITV News and covers a wide range of economic, industrial and social issues. He delivers some of the most powerful stories for ITV News by getting to the heart of consumer issues, holding businesses to account and interviewing ordinary people directly affected.

  1. Chris Choi

'Rising childcare costs make going back to work hard'

Laura wants to go back to work but rising child care costs mean it's hard to make that pay. I spoke to her as a new report shows nursery prices have rocketed 32.8% in five years.

Laura says rising child care costs mean it's hard to make going back to work pay

Laura would have to pay the same in childcare as she spends on rent and as "middle earners" her family doesn't qualify for benefits.

She's struggling to see how prices can have gone up so much while wages and inflation have not.

  1. Chris Choi

Smaller power firm Ovo squares up to Big Six with 10.4% cut

The Energy Secretary has warned big power firms that they "can't hide", after one of their smaller rivals offered more than double the price cut of the so-called Big Six companies.

Ovo has more than doubled the cut offered by its Big Six rivals Credit: PA

Today's price drop means that while the average customer of the major firms will see a four per cent reduction in gas prices, customers of Ovo will see a drop of 10.4 per cent.

Now consumer groups are urging companies to drop prices further - and extend their reductions to electricity prices.

  1. Chris Choi

British Gas customers 'may not be jumping for joy'

British Gas will have to live with the fact that many of their customers won't be jumping for joy over this news.

British Gas has announced a price fall today. Credit: PA Wire

The wholesale market has been dropping for months, with wholesale costs for the next 12-month contracts down 28%.

In that context, this 5% drop can look a little bit mealy-mouthed.

The remaining big six companies that have not dropped prices yet have not given any firm signals that they will reduce prices.

If you look at when British Gas raised its prices by 35% in 2008, the new tariff came into force with immediate effect.

Today's reduction won't come in until the end of next month - some people will see that as an unfair contradiction.

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