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Chris Choi is Consumer Editor for ITV News and covers a wide range of economic, industrial and social issues. He delivers some of the most powerful stories for ITV News by getting to the heart of consumer issues, holding businesses to account and interviewing ordinary people directly affected.

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Network Rail's biggest casualty will be 'passenger trust'

On today's disappointing statement on Network Rail, ITV News consumer editor Chris Choi said:

"Network Rail today refused my repeated interview requests. Its underestimate of costs and over-promise of modernisation has led today to its chairman stepping down.

"But the biggest casualty is likely to be passenger trust in railway promises - that seem as unreliable as too many of its services."

  1. Chris Choi

Hotel 'did not know' of manager's convictions for child deaths

I think the latest developments will have ramifications across the industry.

What we're learning this lunchtime is that the third party hotel owners that were supplying Thomas Cook with the holiday accommodation will later today issue a statement, in which they admit that they did not know of the background of that hotel manager.

A detailed inspection has now been carried out at the hotel Credit: ITV News

They did not know, they say, that he had been convicted in connection with those deaths in Corfu.

Now, that is going to be something which will lead to an awful lot of soul-searching and debate, there'll be questions about what checks hotel groups should be making of their staff, should there be more robust systems in place, before people are put into positions like that.

There is, I have to say, no safety question about the hotel where he was working up until yesterday, it's our information this lunchtime that Thomas Cook has sent in safety experts, the've done a 350-point safety audit, and they have found no cause for concern.

  1. Chris Choi

Inquest held following stairlift deaths

A coroner has been hearing about two tragic deaths linked to Acorn stairlifts. James Bell and George Bathmaker, both aged 79, died on separate incidents.

Acorn has accepted responsibility for the incidents and has launched a recall programme.

From the start Acorn has taken full responsibility for the incidents and we have acted quickly to ensure that this type of incident does not happen again.

– Acorn Stairlifts

The inquest continues.

The serial numbers affected by the recall are 110101209781 - 110202352678. The numbers relate to the Brooks/Acorn 120 Stairlift, manufactured between 2007 and 2011.

Call Acorn Stairlifts on 0800 073 9818 for further information.

  1. Chris Choi

Sainsbury's losses reflect new wave of consumer power

Sainsbury's profits have taken a hit Credit: PA Wire

Sales at Sainsbury's have taken a battering - with the chain's first full-year loss for a decade. A barrage of fierce discounting and competition has knocked Britain's third largest supermarket. It's been hit in profits, sales and market share.

Sainsbury's reported a £72m loss in the year to March. Like-for-like sales fell 1.9% to £26 billion.

Scratch the surface - and this isn't just about Sainsbury's. Britain's largest grocery chains are being transformed - reshaped by the biggest changes in 30 years. Consumers are shopping more frequently, more locally, more online. But with a lot less loyalty.

On one side discounters like Aldi and Lidl are strengthening - on the other Waitrose is gaining...leaving middle ground grocers like Sainsbury's under growing pressure. Sainsburys results were hit by one-off costs, most significantly a drop in the value of some of its property. But there's no doubt that other factors are far more long term.

Big grocery chains are being forced to pour money into discounts. And the price war is far from over.

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