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Chris is Deputy Political Editor for ITV News. He's based at Westminster and covers politics, government and Parliament. Taking a lead on defence stories, Chris has travelled widely in Afghanistan with politicians and British troops.

  1. Chris Ship

Downing Street distances itself from EU refugee reform

David Cameron is likely to resist any EU plans to share refugees across the continent. Credit: Reuters

David Cameron's officials have just done their best to distance themselves for any European plan to share the burden of Europe's refugee crisis.

In fact, they were denying there was a plan in place at all.

It was - said Mr Cameron' s spokeswoman - nothing more than an indication of "where their thinking is going" before adding it was "one part of the EU institution's [the Commission's] thinking in response to the refugee crisis."

No such proposal to scrap the Dublin Regulations (which allow countries like the UK to deport asylum seekers back to the EU country they first reached) has been circulated or discussed with the UK government, Downing Street insisted.

Mr Cameron is acutely aware that a change in the rules could impact on the forthcoming referendum on the UK's membership of the EU.

"We support the principle of the Dublin Regulations", said Number 10 (as firmly as they could).

  1. Chris Ship

Choir sings for junior doctors' strike

The National Health Singers choir has been performing outside hospitals in London to show support for the junior doctors' strike today.

The National Health Singers choir performs 'Yours' outside Chelsea and Westminster hospital

Most of the singers are junior doctors taking part in the strike.

Georgina Wood, who is a junior doctor who helped to set up the choir, said: "Striking is something that doctors never wanted to do, and we've been pushed into this position. It's a place where we are quite uncomfortable but we are doing it for the good of our patients."

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