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Europe leaders 'do not consider referendum a priority'

David Cameron has had one-to-one discussions with all 27 European leaders. Credit: PA

David Cameron plans to complete his one-to-one discussions will all 27 other leaders of the European Union before this afternoon's summit in Brussels.

He will meet with the leaders of Portugal, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Austria.

And he will talk by phone with the leaders of Croatia and Greece - despite the debt crisis in which the Greek Prime Minister is currently wrapped up.

It means by the time David Cameron addresses the EU Council tonight during the leaders' working dinner - they will all, said Downing Street, "know the issues the Prime Minister wants to address".

However, with the EU facing both the Greek and the migrant crisis, Number 10 has been forced to concede that they "recognise" that the "UK renegotiation sits alongside that".

It suggests that many of the 27 leaders outside the UK do not consider the UK's referendum and renegotiation process a priority.

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