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Chris is Deputy Political Editor for ITV News. He's based at Westminster and covers politics, government and Parliament. Taking a lead on defence stories, Chris has travelled widely in Afghanistan with politicians and British troops.

  1. Chris Ship

Chancellor turns down the pain dial as he scraps tax credit cuts - but who's paying?

If you're going to inflict pain at any point in the Parliamentary cycle - do it at the beginning.

It's just George Osborne turned the pain dial too high last summer.

His July target to cut the tax credit bill by £4.4 billion was a step too far for many Tory MPs (who had stood on a austerity platform at the election two months before) and certainly for the House of Lords.

So today, he went back to his dial and turned down the pain.

Right down.

To zero.

The new plan for tax credits involves scrapping his old plan altogether.

In order to accommodate the climbdown AND still hit his £12 bn welfare savings - he will have raided other areas of the welfare budget.

No, not pensions. And you won't be surprised.

But right now - he hasn't told us from where.

Someone is paying.

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