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Calais official: Migrants are partly a 'British problem'

The deputy mayor of Calais Philippe Mignonet has spoken to ITV News this evening, and says he is furious with the English response to the migrant crisis.

He has described this fence which has cost £12 million - a fence which in places has blown down in winter storms which the French themselves have had to repair - as a 'joke'.

He has described this as partly a "British problem", but also says the French government needs to do more.

They think that the scenes playing out here in Calais are all down to the fact that these migrants want to get into Britain - it is a British problem in his eyes, and therefore it is Britain that should act to try to nip this in the bud.

He has invited David Cameron to come here to Calais to see for himself the challenges, and they are planning a demonstration on Saturday directing anger against shipping company DFDS.

  1. Dan Rivers

French police seem to turn blind eye to migrant crisis

A migrant looks on as French police inspect vehicles Credit: ITV News

The good news is that the strike is soon to be over, the first train services have resumed which means the queuing lorries will start to get moving in the next hour.

But it is going to take many, many hours to clear the backlog which stretches for miles up the motorway.

The French police today have showed absolutely no interest in intervening, certainly where we were, in trying to arrest any of those migrants or detain them.

This has been a problem that has been going on and getting steadily worse for months, a problem that we've reported on repeatedly.

Essentially the French police attitude here seems to be to turn a blind eye, they want this problem to go away.

The migrants are desperate to get into Britain Credit: ITV News

They know these migrants are desperate to get into Britain, that they don't want to stay in France and of course it would help them if they didn't stay in France.

It means they don't have to process them, they haven't got to deal with them, potentially house them or send them back home. So essentially the French police are hoping migrants to get on the back of lorries.

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