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Dan Rivers is a Correspondent for ITV News. He is responsible for covering a broad range of news stories and producing special in-depth reports.

  1. Dan Rivers

Second earthquake compounds Nepal's terror

There was so much fear in Nepal when ITV News was there a couple of weeks ago reporting on the first earthquake.

A man stands on the debris of collapsed houses after a fresh 7.3-magnitude earthquake. Credit: Reuters

People were camping outside, terrified to go back into their houses because of the numerous aftershocks.

A second earthquake is only going to compound that.

There have been six aftershocks today alone, some of them lasting 10-20 seconds.

That is sending real fear through the population who are now facing even more destruction.

  1. Dan Rivers

Aftershocks and rain keep fears fresh in rural Nepal

There is no electricity here, it means people cannot use their mopeds and cars to get out and get supplies and get help because as fuel becomes scarce people want it to run their generators, if they have them.

Aftershocks and rain keep fears fresh in rural Nepal Credit: ITV News

The rain has been teeming down all day which has made these perilous roads even more difficult to get up and down. The hospitals here, such as they are, are overwhelmed. The big concern now is the risk of a disease outbreak, which would strike the most vulnerable.

All of that is added to the continued aftershocks which is keeping the population on edge with many fearing there could be worse to come.

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