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Greater Paris area remains on scarlet alert

There is a lot of activity in Port de Vincennes this evening, and still a very heavy police presence in this area of eastern Paris.

At the moment there is no sign of them letting any of the local residents near where the deli was attacked and the Ile de France, the greater Paris area,is still on scarlet alert. It's an unprecedented security operation across the whole of this city involving not only the police but large numbers of the military as well.

This evening there's been some developments in terms of who is claiming responsibility for the siege on the deli and the leader of al Qaeida in Yemen has apparently posted a Youtube audio recording claiming responsibility for this attack because of the "insults to the prophets caused by the publication of those cartoons in Charlie Hebdo magazine".

In terms of gunman Amedy Coulibaly's girlfriend Hayat Boumeddiene it is still unclear whether she was present in that deli and whether she managed to get away or whether she wasn't present at all. There are conflicting reports but many of the French media are reporting that there is now an active manhunt for her and that she may in some way be associated with what went on with her partner and perhaps she was some sort of co-conspirator in all this.

  1. Dan Rivers

Paris gunman 'left phone off the hook after police chat'

There are some intriguing details about how exactly today's hostage situation at a Paris supermarket came to its dramatic conclusion.

We know that Amedy Coulibaly, the gunman, was in talks with the police on the telephone. It appears that he had been making demands saying that he wasn't willing to release the hostages here until his associates the Kouachi brothers were allowed to go free in Dammartin.

What appears to have happened is that he didn't hang up the phone and that police were therefore able to eavesdrop on him for some time. They were then able to then work out when he was starting his evening prayers and that was the point at which they chose to go in with such devastating force.

Security officers escort released hostages after they stormed a kosher market to end a hostage situation, Paris Credit: AP Photo/Michel Euler

Now in terms of the figures there is still some confusion about whether there is still one of the accomplices on the run or not, specifically Amedy Coulibaly's girlfriend, there is no word yet from the Elysee Palace to confirm that but certainly at the moment things seem to be calming down a lot.

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