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Scotland Correspondent

Debi is ITV's Scotland Correspondent. In the build up to the referendum on Independence she covers all the major stories in the country. Prior to joining ITV Debi worked for STV

  1. Debi Edward

How heavy fog could delay the referendum result

A heavy fog in the Western Isles is threatening to thwart a plan to gather all the Islanders votes by plane.

A person holds a pen ready to mark their ballot paper. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Eilean Sar was meant to be one of the first to declare after it was decided to bring a plane in to gather votes but it won't be able to fly unless the fog clears.

A decision will be taken when the polls close on whether to use a boat instead and that could delay the final declaration by several hours meaning a referendum result wouldn't be known until around 7 or 8am tomorrow morning.

Of course, depending on the way declarations have gone elsewhere we could already have a winner by then.

  1. Debi Edward

Yes campaign 'gains some traction' on NHS debate

By Debi Edward: Scotland Correspondent

It is perhaps in light of the momentum that the Yes campaign has gained that the No campaign went on the attack today.

They distributed a document - leaked by an NHS doctor - which states:

The leaked document suggests sweeping cuts of up to £450 million will be needed for the health service. Credit: ITV News

The Better Together campaign claims that flies in the face of their rival's claims that only a Yes vote can protect the NHS from cuts.

Well, the Scottish government have said they are the ones protecting and increasing the NHS budget in Scotland, and that only independence can offer the health service a brighter future.

The Yes campaign really have been able to gain some traction on this NHS debate despite health being a devolved issue - the Better Together campaign say it's "the biggest lie" of the referendum so far.

  1. Debi Edward

Two men hurt at Jim Clark crash 'serious but stable'

By Debi Edward: Scotland Correspondent

Two 61-year-old men who were injured in the Jim Clark Rally crash yesterday, are in a serious but stable condition at Edinburgh Royal Hospital.

One of the men attending the race was with three of those that died yesterday, the other was injured during an earlier incident.

Three people were pronounced dead at the scene. Credit: ITV News
  1. Debi Edward

Three killed at Jim Clark Rally from Greater Glasgow

The scene following the crashes at the Jim Clark Rally in the Scottish Borders.

By Debi Edward: Scotland Correspondent

Three people killed at the Jim Clark Rally were all from the Greater Glasgow area.

They were a 73-year-old man, a 63-year-old woman and a 71-year-old man and were all spectators at the event in the Scottish Borders.

Two people remain in a critical critical in hospital following yesterday's crashes.