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Emma Hutchinson is ITV Anglia's Political Correspondent based at Westminster

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Family of prison suicide victim takes case to Justice Secretary

Dean Saunders electrocuted himself in Chelmsford Prison in 2016.

The family of an Essex man who took his own life in prison say they'll keep fighting to stop others suffering in the same way.

Dean Saunders from Basildon was found dead in his cell at Chelmsford prison in January 2016. He was been suffering from mental health problems.

His family has now met the Justice Secretary and Norfolk MP Liz Truss after an inquest last month found serious failings with his care at the prison.

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Finn's law debate gets underway in Parliament

MPs have been debating whether to change the law to increase the punishment for those who attack police dogs or horses.

Calls for the so-called 'Finn's law' come after a Hertfordshire police dog was stabbed and badly injured last month in Stevenage while chasing a suspect alongside his handler PC Dave Wardell.

Today's debate was led by Northamptonshire MP David Mackintosh.

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Region's Conservative MPs praise their leader as party conference comes to an end

David Cameron during his speech at the Conservative party conference in Manchester. Credit: PA Wire.

The region's MPs are heading home this evening following the first party conference of a Conservative majority government for 19 years.

On the final day of the four-day event in Manchester, Prime Minister David Cameron address his party for the first time since their General Election victory in May.

During his speech, he outlined plans for 200,000 affordable news homes in Britain, insisted Britain was not interested in an "ever closer union" in Europe, and attacked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for his "Britain-hating ideology".

Afterwards, MPs from the region praised their leader.

"It was a really, really important speech. We're the party that's delivering for the British people and for people across the Anglia region."

– Robert Halfon MP, Harlow (Con).

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