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Region's Conservative MPs praise their leader as party conference comes to an end

David Cameron during his speech at the Conservative party conference in Manchester. Credit: PA Wire.

The region's MPs are heading home this evening following the first party conference of a Conservative majority government for 19 years.

On the final day of the four-day event in Manchester, Prime Minister David Cameron address his party for the first time since their General Election victory in May.

During his speech, he outlined plans for 200,000 affordable news homes in Britain, insisted Britain was not interested in an "ever closer union" in Europe, and attacked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for his "Britain-hating ideology".

Afterwards, MPs from the region praised their leader.

"It was a really, really important speech. We're the party that's delivering for the British people and for people across the Anglia region."

– Robert Halfon MP, Harlow (Con).

Click below to watch a report from ITV News Anglia's political correspondent Emma Hutchinson in Manchester

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Labour MPs in the East split on Corbyn's election, writes Political Correspondent Emma Hutchinson

Jeremy Corbyn Credit: PA

It's fair to say there is a big mix of opinion amongst Labour MPs about the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour's new leader. Even the four Labour MPs in the Anglia region are divided as to whether it signifies a radical new direction for Labour or a move away from voters.

Norwich South MP Clive Lewis believes it's great news, saying he had to pinch himself to believe it was really true. He is a big supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and believes the veteran left winger can united the Labour Party and appeal to voters .

Meanwhile Luton's MPs are divided. Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins is on the left of the Labour Party and supports Jeremy Corbyn. While Luton South MP Gavin Shuker, who was a Labour frontbench spokesperson until Saturday, disagrees with Jeremy Corbyn on foreign and economic policy and says he thinks "a shift to the left" is unlikely to win back voters in the East of England.

Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner supported Yvette Cooper for the leadership election but says he will do all he can to support Labour's new leadership team.

None of the Labour MPs in the East will be part of Labour's frontbench team. Though supportive of Jeremy Corbyn, both Kelvin Hopkins and Clive Lewis say they are happy to remain on the backbenches. Gavin Shuker who was part of Labour's frontbench International Development team under Ed Miliband has not been offered a new job. Two days into his leadership Jeremy Corbyn already faces a big task to unite Labour's parliamentary party before trying to win back voters for Labour across our region.

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