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Hundreds at Muslim cemetery for terror attack officer

Ahmed Merabet's coffin was driven through the streets of Paris, covered with the tricolore and taken to his local mosque in Bobigny.

People carry the coffin of Police officer Ahmed Merabet, covered with a French flag, during funerals at the Muslim cemetery in Bobigny, outside Paris Credit: Reuters

It was a journey along the streets he had once patrolled and waiting for the arrival of the coffin were hundreds of family and friends, along with those police officers with whom officer Merabet had served.

Ahmed Merabet's coffin was driven through the streets of Paris, covered with the tricolore and taken to his local mosque in Bobigny Credit: Twitter

They wore full ceremonial uniform with a black ribbon over their police badge to mark their loss.

We have been speaking to one of the Imams here, we have also been speaking to representatives of the Jewish community. They are very, very anxious to stress they want religious tolerance.

But as those conversations were going on, all around the graveyard were heavily armed officers, a measure of just how nervous this city is now.

  1. Emma Murphy

Gunmen 'may not have realised they had print works hostage'

Forces from the ministry of the interior have suggested this evening that actually the gunmen didn't realise that they had a hostage in the print works building in Dammartin.

It has been suggested the 27-year-old who was thought to have been being held hostage by gunmen was actually hiding and that he'd got into some sort of cupboard or cardboard box and as a result of that he was able to feed information back to the police officers about the two men who were in the building - absolutely crucial as they made their preparations to storm it.

  1. Emma Murphy

Man 'hid from gunmen inside Dammartin siege site'

The are reports there may have been a man hiding inside the Dammartin print works when terrorist brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi took it hostage.

At first it was thought the 27-year-old was a hostage but it now believed he was hiding and feeding information to police by phone during the eight-hour siege.

In that way they were able to build up a picture of exactly what weaponry the men had and also, what they were doing with their time.

If that is the case, it will have been absolutely crucial to the police's decision making when they thought it was the appropriate moment to storm it.

ITV News Senior Correspondent Emma Murphy reports from Dammartin.

  1. Emma Murphy

'Great relief' now terrorist brothers are dead

Police stormed the building in Dammartin and killed two hostage-takers. Credit: Reuters/Eric Gaillard

There is very great relief here tonight that the two men who terrorised this nation are no more and that they are not holed up in that building in Dammartin.

We've started to get information about what may have gone on in that office building during the course of the day. It was around eight hours that they were in there.

There was a thought, that still remains, that a 27-year-old man in the building at the time was a hostage but we are getting reports now that that may not have been the case.

He may actually have been able to hide and as a result of that he was feeding information to the police, presumably by phone, and in that way they were able to build up a picture of exactly what weaponry the men had and also what they were doing with their time.

If that is the case it will have been crucial to the police's decision making when they though it was the appropriate moment to go into that office.

  1. Emma Murphy

Sirens wail as helicopters hum above Charlie Hebdo operation

A massive police operation is now underway in Dammartin-en-Goele, hundreds of police in riots vans, helicopters and armed response units are all here on the scene.

There is the continual wail of sirens, from both directions: from Paris in the south-west and from Villers-Cotterets further up the motorway.

Police have put a two-mile cordon around the town and anyone who approaches is either being detained or forcibly turned around. Police searching most vehicles that are on the smaller roads.

Police surround the area. Credit: RTV

There are police officers all along the route from forest, where the suspects are believed to have spent the night to the scene on the N2.

The roadblocks are being manned by heavily armed officers.

Two helicopters, which appear to be military, are hovering very close to what looks like the industrial estate.

Few cars coming out of the town, those inside have been told to stay inside their homes and buildings.

We believe that hostage negotiations that have begun.

Police surround the area. Credit: RTV

All you can hear is the area is the sounds of sirens and the police are extremely nervous.

  1. Emma Murphy

French police under greater pressure as each hour passes

French police combing a section of north-eastern France for the Charlie Hebdo gunmen know that with every hour they are unable to find them there is always a risk that they could attempt another attack.

The roads in and out of a forest thought to contain the men are being well guarded - but what is going on inside is what is really important, and on quite a scale.

Watch Emma Murphy's News at Ten report on the manhunt:

This forest is 32,000 acres - bigger than Paris itself - and police now face huge pressure to track down these suspects, if indeed they are in there.

Recent information from the US indicates that these two men have been on the Homeland Security's "no fly" list for a number of years.

That is another very disturbing piece of information that the authorities will have to address as they look at whether they could have done anything at all to prevent this.

  1. Emma Murphy

Two men with guns 'abandon car and walk into forest'

A Google Earth map shows Longpont and surrounding forest. Credit: Google Earth

An eye witness who has just left the town of Longpont told me he was at the Abbaye Longpont Restaurant when one of the staff approached him and said that two men, who may have had guns, had just abandoned a car and walked into the forest.

The customer was then asked to leave immediately.

  1. Emma Murphy

Police close road in Charlie Hebdo suspect manhunt

In the last two minutes around 20 police vehicles including ten vans and ten people carriers with blacked out windows transporting what appear to be special forces have gone into the town in north eastern France.

A short while ago police sealed off a road, around an hour and a half outside of Paris, where police is balaclavas and camouflage gear travelling in convoy, lights flashing with what looks like explosives ordinance vehicles making their way up the road at high speed.

They appear to now be sealing off the area and we are told this is a short distance from the petrol station, where the suspects were last seen this morning, shots were fired there when they went in and attempted to take fuel and food.

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