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  1. Emma Murphy

Nepal earthquake aid efforts: Trying to beat the backlog

Physically getting that large amount of aid into the country is still not complete.

But crucially the dogs are here, so they will be able to be sent out immediately to try and trace if there is anybody still in the wreckage.

Tomorrow, the bulk of the aid will arrive in Kathmandu and then the challenge will be to get it out to the most vulnerable areas.

  1. Emma Murphy

Frustration as rescue workers unable to reach Nepal

UK Aid stranded at Delhi airport Credit: ITV News

There is a frustration but it is a frustration that's borne of a great deal of experience.

Sixty-seven international search and rescue experts are on this plane wanting to get out to Kathmandu and they have all been in this situation before.

They know that the first days after an emergency are always the worse in terms of getting aid through.

It was terribly frustrating this morning though to be flying over Nepal knowing that that's where the work needed to be done and still being told it was impossible to land because there was nowhere to put the plane.

We have been waiting here in Delhi all day.

There is a small hope now that later on this evening, the Spanish military planes might actually get those search teams, the search dogs and all the equipment out to Kathmandu tonight.

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