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EgyptAir investigation at Charles de Gaulle airport

This airport is very much operating in the way it would have done last week. When you walk around there's actually very little evidence of an increased security presence.

In terms of the investigation they will be trying to work out exactly what went on with that plane when it was on the ground for around an hour here. Of course it had made quite a few journeys in the previous few hours, it had gone from Cairo, to Eritrea to Tunisia and then here.

The hour it was on the ground crucially they will want to know who had access to it. Which of those people who were all security cleared at different levels would have been able to get towards the airliner.

We're looking at people like cleaners, like baggage handlers, people who actually would have gone on board.

But of course they will also be assessing whether or not the explosive, if they were on the plane, were put on somewhere else and then missed when the plane was on the ground here.

it was a an explosion that took down the plane, "they will be looking at those who could have gotten on board, people like cleaners and baggage handlers. They will also be assessing whether explosives could have been put on board elsewhere."

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