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Geraint is the Middle East Correspondent at ITV News. He is responsible for covering many of the events in the region including the Syrian civil war, the aftermath of the Arab Spring, and the relationship between Israel and neighbouring states.

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Fears fate of Jordanian pilot will end in 'very worst way'

Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh was captured when his plane went down in Syria last month. Credit: ITV News

The family of a Jordanian pilot being held by IS are hopeful that their son will be returned to them but are more angry than anything else.

I spoke to his father this morning and he said he was very annoyed that the Jordanian government had not given any information regarding what stage negotiations are at, if any at all.

He is also very unhappy that his son was sent to fight against IS in the first place.

That reflects a widespread feeling here in Jordan - that Jordan really shouldn't be a part of this coalition against IS militants.

Meanwhile, there has been no indication from those militants that the pilot's release is even on the table, or if it is a possibility.

So while there's some hope here, there is a very keen awareness that this situation could end in the very worst way possible.