Geraint Vincent

Middle East Correspondent

Geraint is the Middle East Correspondent at ITV News. He is responsible for covering many of the events in the region including the Syrian civil war, the aftermath of the Arab Spring, and the relationship between Israel and neighbouring states.

  1. Geraint Vincent

Hunt for British girls like trying to find 'needle in haystack'

There is a team of UK police officers on the ground in Turkey who are being given a great deal of assistance and support from the Turkish authorities.

But this really is a 'needle in the haystack' job now.

Even if the girls are still in Turkey - which is looking less and less likely - the country has a 500-mile border with Syria.

If you know the right people, it's pretty easy to cross; there are smuggling gangs who have got thousands of foreigners over the border since the war started.

The message from the Turkish authorities is: if you want to have any real chance of stopping foreigners getting into Syria, you've got to stop them leaving home in the first place.

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