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As Europe Editor, James Mates reports and adds analysis to the most significant stories and complex events taking place in Europe. James also regularly presents ITV News programmes.

  1. James Mates

Will Greece have to print its own currency?

Greeks queue outside a bank in Athens today Credit: Reuters

The banks aren't open today and it seems very unlikely they're going to open tomorrow.

The money taps have been turned off by the European Central Bank and until they get switched back on again, the Greek banks cannot open.

But you can't run a major economy when people can't get money out of the banks, when firms can't pay people because they can't do bank transfers, when companies can't pay for goods or imports.

If those money taps aren't turned back on by the ed of the week and the banks aren't re-opened, Greece will have to start producing some form of alternative currency - even if they don't call it the Drachma.

  1. James Mates

Europe leaders must have consensus on migrant crisis

Consensus in Brussels about the migrant issue is not going to be easy to find Credit: Reuterse

There are going to be offers on the table at the emergency migrant crisis summit in Brussels tomorrow. But they are pretty reluctant at this stage to talk about precisely what they are going to be because of the need to get consensus in Brussels.

And the consensus in Brussels is not going to be easy to find. Remember, at the end of last year, the operation Mare Nostrum, the search and rescue operation which was scrapped. That was scrapped unanimously by Europe, this wasn't something that Britain alone pulled out of.

And there is a reluctance to go back to a full on search and rescue operation.

Obviously though, there is an importance of saving lives which is why it seems Britain will offer HMS Bulwark at least, a large helicopter carrying war vessel in order to help with that aspect of the operation.

They will also though be talking about maybe breaking the link between getting rescued and getting asylum and, of course, going after the people traffickers.

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