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Government Hinkley Point nuclear deal 'expensive'

  1. Joel Hills

New tax rules for tech giants could affect UK firms too

The Chancellor didn't name names, but it is generally accepted he is talking about the likes of Google and Apple and Microsoft.

He is not happy with the way there are paying tax, and believes that British profits are being funneled abroad to places like Ireland, where they pay lower rates of tax, and sometimes further afield, where the rates of tax they pay is close to absolute zero.

Completely wrong, you may think, but all completely legal.

The OECD is in the process of trying to renew international tax law to come up with some sort of global consensus, but what is interesting about today is the Chancellor has clearly decided he is not going to wait.

He says there is hundreds of millions of pounds at stake, which makes it sound a bit like a one-way bet - it's not.

Remember we have our own global multinationals too. It may end up with the likes of Vodafone, BP and GSK paying less in Britain.

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