John Irvine

Senior International Correspondent

Senior International Correspondent John Irvine set up the ITV News Dubai bureau in 2010 and covers stories across the Indian sub continent, Africa and the Gulf region for ITV News. He won two Royal Television Society Awards for his reports on the Gulf War and was also the first ITV News correspondent to report from Port-au-Prince after the Haiti earthquake, forming part of the ITV News team that won a BAFTA for coverage of the disaster.

  1. John Irvine

Missing family feared to have been recruited by IS

The three sisters and their nine children have not been heard from for a week. Credit: ITV News

Landing in Istanbul at 7am, the missing Bradford family had all day to make their way south to the Syrian border.

Clearly, they went to some lengths to cover their tracks and leave as little a paper trail as possible, before and after the flight.

The authorities will want to know who recruited them and when - perhaps it happened in Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps 12 days of strict religious observance on pilgrimage in Medina, Islam's second holiest site, left them extremely vulnerable to the recruiters of the Islamic State.

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