John Ray

Africa Correspondent

John Ray is Africa Correspondent for ITV News. He was formerly Middle East Correspondent and was the first Western TV journalist to report from inside Syria's borders at the start of the war.

  1. John Ray

How Europe will 'share the burden' of the migrant crisis

Coast guard crews have worked ceaselessly for the past two weeks doing nothing more than pulling migrants up from the Meditteranean. It really is a crisis with no let up at all.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said today that he wanted Europe to share more of the burden.

What he means is, he wants European nations to offer permanent homes to some of the 200,000 migrants who might come to Italy this summer. You can imagine that will not go down universally well in Brussels.

As for the prosecution of that terrible incident at the weekend, prosecutors have added the charge of kidnapping, including kidnapping children, to those of manslaughter that the Captain now faces.

If he is convicted he faces something like 30 years in jail.

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