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David Cameron refuses to reveal his views on Page 3

While the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan today welcomed the demise of the Sun's page 3 topless women, it's not clear where the Prime Minister stands on the newspaper's apparent policy shift.

His spokesman told lobby journalists that David Cameron 'thinks that what newspapers publish is a matter for newspapers’.

He refused to say whether the Prime Minister believed it was a good thing or not that the newspaper had dropped images of topless women. He also wouldn't be drawn on whether Mr Cameron was happy to have the newspaper open on page three at his breakfast table.

Earlier, Nicky Morgan called the decision of The Sun to show women with their breasts covered by bikini tops as ‘a long overdue decision'.

  1. Libby Wiener

PM pledges to work towards 'full' employment

The Prime Minister's pledge to work towards "full" employment in a speech in Ipswich today echoes the Chancellor's upbeat message on the economy.

But the question remains what sort of jobs his government has, and would create.

The fact the deficit hasn't fallen faster, some economists argue, is partly due to low paid jobs not bringing in sufficient tax revenues.

David Cameron will brush such criticism aside, saying that he wants to ensure "anyone who wants a job is able to get a job." He claims that 1.75 million new jobs have been created since 2010, and most of those have been full-time jobs offering a good wage.

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