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Britain pledges help to Iraq - but stops short of arms

The Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has tonight called Iraq's President Fouad Massoum, urging him to help form an 'inclusive' government.

Foreign Office sources suggest that defeating Islamic militants will only be possible with strong leadership from inside Iraq.

Mr Hammond also spoke to the Kurdish leaders Masoud Barzani pledging British humanitarian support.

Further plane-loads of aid are expected in the coming days.

Requests for arms are, however, likely to be met with a polite 'no '.

  1. Libby Wiener

David Cameron had five relatives killed during WW1

David Cameron had five relatives killed during the First World War.

David Cameron during a World War One service today. Credit: Russell Cheyne/PA Wire
  • Captain John Geddes, a great, great uncle killed in April 1915, name on Menin Gate - which he found last year.
  • Second Lieutenant Alistair Geddes, died June 1915 - Royal Scots Fusiliers (also a great,great uncle).
  • Captain William Henry Cameron, died December 1914 - Highland Light Infantry (also great, great uncle).
  • Captain Francis Mount, died October 1915 - Royal Berkshire regiment (also a great, great uncle).
  • Francis Ellison Levita died October 1914 (first cousin).

The Prime Minister apparently researched much of this himself, we were told at a lobby briefing.

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