Lucy Verasamy

ITV Weather Presenter

Lucy is a trained meteorologist who regularly presents the weather bulletins on ITV. From Hurricane Katrina to the Iceland Ash cloud threat and extreme weather events in the UK, Lucy has provided context and analysis of the main weather stories of the last few years. Before joining ITV she worked in a number of newsrooms including Sky News, Sky Sports, and Channel Five.

Warm in the sunshine, close with the cloud

By Lucy Verasamy, ITV News Weather presenter.

Temperatures will be on the up in the next few days, with highs of 25C or so in the sunshine by Thursday, but don't expect full-blown blue skies.

Overnight misty low cloud will be slow to shift through the early mornings and a few showers will develop here and there.

In the sunshine it'll feel more like late summer than early autumn but cloud cover will make it feel muggy and close.

Nights will also feel unusually mild and stuffy for the time of year.

Scattered showers ahead of warm weather next week

It will be breezy and wet to the north and west tomorrow with sheltered southern and eastern spots getting away with a better end to the week.

On Saturday, the showers will be fewer and further between with more sunshine but temperatures staying on the stingy side.

Come next week, summer returns as we drift into September. It will be warming up with highs of 25C or 26C possible in places - a big improvement on August.

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