Lucy Verasamy

ITV Weather Presenter

Lucy is a trained meteorologist who regularly presents the weather bulletins on ITV. From Hurricane Katrina to the Iceland Ash cloud threat and extreme weather events in the UK, Lucy has provided context and analysis of the main weather stories of the last few years. Before joining ITV she worked in a number of newsrooms including Sky News, Sky Sports, and Channel Five.

  1. Lucy Verasamy

Weather: Freezing, frosty and icy over the next 24 hours

Snow for some of us in the coming 24 hours. The colder air stays tonight leaving it freezing, frosty and icy.

Tomorrow those up early will see the best of the weather - fine, clear and crisp with early sunshine if cold and frosty.

Things will go downhill from the west as it turns increasingly windy, wet and wintry. As the rain clashes will cold air it'll turn to sleet and snow through many areas of Wales, northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

As the winds whip up expect blowing snow and blizzards across higher routes - and terrible visibility.

The south-east will stay dry, if cloud, until after dark.

Temperatures will be doing better than today but the wet, wintry weather - as well and strong gusty winds - will make it feel cold.

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