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  1. Martin Geissler

Sense of intensity around both campaigns in Scotland

  • ITV News correspondent Martin Geissler reports

The campaign has really moved up a gear this week. There's a real sense of intensity around both campaigns at the moment, a real sense of what's at stake, not just for them, but for the whole country.

Better Together who seem to be in such disarray at the start of this week seem to have galvanised just a little and there's a change around the Yes camp too and around Alex Salmond.

Yesterday I was at a rally with him and he was absolutely beaming. Today he seemed rattled, he seemed angry even, so a lot can change in just 24 hours at this stage of the campaign and there are still six full days of campaigning to go.

  1. Martin Geissler

Salmond's win gives yes campaign a spring in their step

Alex Salmond won 71% approval after the second televised Scotland debate. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Alex Salmond said to me that this will give the yes campaign a spring in their step, but I'm not sure it will do much more than that.

It will probably knock a little bit of the wind out of the sails of the no campaign for a little while, but I'm not sure how much real difference long-term this will make.

Different polls tell different stories. The last poll of polls - and that's really a better gauge of what's going on in Scotland - came out two weeks ago. That put Alex Salmond's pro-independence yes campaign on 43% - just 7% would be enough to get Scotland independence.

Not much you might think, but consider this - those polls haven't really shifted substantially, certainly not by a margin of 7%, in the last two years, so the yes campaign still needs to find a game changer from somewhere.

Those hundreds of thousands of undecided voters pretty much all have to be persuaded to come on side if Mr Salmond is going to win independence, and he's got just three weeks to do it.

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