Nick Dixon

GMB Correspondent

Nick is a Correspondent for Good Morning Britain based in London. He covers a huge variety of news and features for the programme, and has presented some of the show's high profile campaigns such as 'Get Britain Reading'. Nick has also spent time as New York Correspondent, and while in the city the stories he covered included the death of Osama bin Laden, extreme storms and natural disasters, as well as film premieres and celebrity interviews.

  1. Nick Dixon

Two men accused of publishing Bulger killer photos

When Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were released from prison in 2001 for the murder of James Bulger, they were given new identities.

Protected by a strict court order, it bans the publication of any information or images that claims to identify them.

The terms of the order mean that if a picture claims to be of Venables or Thompson, even if it is not actually them, there will be a breach of the order.

Robert Thompson (l) and Jon Venables (r) were given new identities Credit: Daybreak

The court order applies to media organisations and individuals.

In recent months however, photographs claiming to show Jon Venables as an adult have circulated on social networking sites.

A case has been brought by the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, against two men accused of posting an image which claimed to show Venables on Twitter and Facebook.

If prosecuted, they could face a possible fine or a jail sentence.