Social Affairs Editor

Penny Marshall is Social Affairs Editor for ITV News and leads in-depth reporting and analysis of immediate issues affecting the lives of the British public, from education to welfare and public services. Penny has an impressive history at ITN and is well- known for her incisive journalism uncovering the Serb-run detention camps in Bosnia in 1992.

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Shocking rise in food bank users

Head of the charity which runs most of UK's foodbanks says there needs to be a plan to help low income families share in economic recovery.

FGM prosecutions are a landmark moment

FGM prosecutions are long overdue according to activists whose campaign to stamp out this child abuse is beginning to reap dividends.

These latest reports examine the chronic causes which are putting children in danger.

The chronic problem of sexual abuse

These reports set out a chronic and larger problem within society affecting us all: The damaging and widely held views about women and sex.