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Social Affairs Editor

Penny Marshall is Social Affairs Editor for ITV News. She leads in-depth reporting and analysis of immediate issues affecting the lives of the British public, from education and religion, to welfare and public services.
Penny is renowned for her incisive journalism uncovering the Serb-run detention camps in Bosnia in 1992. Her reports alerted the world to the full horror of ethnic cleansing and won an array of awards including a BAFTA, a Royal Television Society Journalism Award and a prestigious Emmy for outstanding investigative journalism.

  1. Penny Marshall

'Progress, but not enough' for vulnerable witnesses

We've learnt a great deal looking at the cases in Oxford and Rochdale and the way that vulnerable women endure giving evidence and Britain has introduced shorter time in the witness box and allowed evidence via videolink.

There is progress, but, campaigners are saying to me tonight, not enough.

Judges and prosecutors need to have special training in these cases and that does not yet extend to defence barristers.

All of this is being driven by a wider cultural change about the way witnesses are seen in cases like this.

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