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Rageh is ITV's International Affairs Editor, responsible for covering major news stories across the world. He is also the Presenter of "On Assignment", ITV's new Current Affairs programme. He was previously Senior Foreign Correspondent for the BBC, where he covered the 2nd Gulf war from Baghdad, before leaving to report and present for Al Jazeera

  1. Rageh Omaar

Why Jordanian pilot's brutal murder will backfire on Isis

Isis in Iraq - and to a lesser degree Syria - depends on the co-operation of certain tribes who are against the governments in Damascus and Baghdad.

The family of the Jordanian pilot appealed to Isis on a tribal basis to spare their son and for the militants to have rejected that so viscerally and so viciously, I think will inevitably backfire.

The so-called Arab man on the street will simply not be able to comprehend this.

Rageh Omaar explains the impact of Muath al-Kasaesbeh's murder:

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