Richard Gaisford

GMB Chief Correspondent

Richard Gaisford is Chief Correspondent for Good Morning Britain, reporting on major events and breaking news stories all over the world. Richard has been broadcasting at breakfast time for more than 13 years. He has covering conflict in Iraq and the Middle East, earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters, and more uplifting stories like the rescue of the Chilean miners.

  1. Richard Gaisford

Children affected by super typhoon: 'We need your help'

I'm in a village devastated by the super typhoon. Almost all of the houses have been destroyed and the community is desperate for help.

Children in the village appeared with this sign as we were about to broadcast on Daybreak - it is their message to you.

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Children hold up a sign which says: "We need your help...pls." Credit: Daybreak / Richard Gaisford

A 12-year-old boy told me: "We have no houses now. We are hoping other countries will give us money to rebuild our homes."

The village has been destroyed by the super typhoon. Credit: Daybreak / Richard Gaisford
  1. Richard Gaisford

Many homeless after devastating typhoon hits Cebu

Shelia's house was totally destroyed by the super typhoon and two of her children were seriously injured.

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Two of Shelia's children were seriously injured. Credit: Daybreak/Richard Gaisford

The children of Anaklita, 75, were born here and their children too. Thirteen in one family are now homeless.

Three generations of one family have been left homeless by the typhoon. Credit: Daybreak/Richard Gaisford

It is amazing that the children remain so happy as they beg for food and water. Many homes are damaged or gone, schools too.

Children remain happy despite the devastation. Credit: Daybreak/Richard Gaisford
  1. Richard Gaisford

Flowers left near Woolwich barracks after murder

A man in tears has just left a Help for Heroes t-shirt and a teddy bear at Woolwich Barracks after the murder of a man, thought to be a soldier:

Witnesses report the murder victim was wearing a Help for Heroes t-shirt Credit: Daybreak/Richard Gaisford

Flowers have also been left here:

Flowers have been left near the scene of the attack near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, south London. Credit: Daybreak/Richard Gaisford
  1. Richard Gaisford

Injured balloon survivor ran to homes shouting for help

Locals tell me balloon crash survivor Michael Rennie ran to these homes shouting for help. He had burns to side of face.

The homes balloon crash survivor Michael Rennie is understood to have ran to following the incident. Credit: Richard Gaisford

Witnesses say Mr Rennie had run 200m along a track from where the balloon first touched down to reach the homes.

The track Mr Rennie is believed to have run along looking for help following the balloon crash. Credit: Richard Gaisford

He would have seen the balloon rise up above him, with the basket and canopy ablaze - his wife Yvonne still in it. He shouted "my wife".

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