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Washington Correspondent Robert Moore covers all major North America stories for ITV News and led our coverage of the US presidential race in 2012. He is one of ITV's most experienced correspondents and has previously been based in London, Moscow, Brussels and Jerusalem

  1. Robert Moore

No model for success tackling crises in Middle East

The bombing of Libya was a unilateral Egyptian air-force strike. Relations between the el-Sissi regime and Washington are poor, and yes Washington would have watched this strike unfold in real time.

Egyptian warplanes struck Islamic State targets in Libya. Credit: PA

I think there is a bigger strategic point here as well. How does the West tackle these sorts of crises in North Africa and the Middle East. We have tried intervening in Libya and it has led to almost total chaos. We've tried not intervening in Syria and we are left with a humanitarian catastrophe.

So it really means that there is no template, no model for success, and we are left with what we are seeing now. A deteriorating situation right across the region.

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