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Washington Correspondent Robert Moore covers all major North America stories for ITV News and led our coverage of the US presidential race in 2012. He is one of ITV's most experienced correspondents and has previously been based in London, Moscow, Brussels and Jerusalem

  1. Robert Moore

No model for success tackling crises in Middle East

The bombing of Libya was a unilateral Egyptian air-force strike. Relations between the el-Sissi regime and Washington are poor, and yes Washington would have watched this strike unfold in real time.

Egyptian warplanes struck Islamic State targets in Libya. Credit: PA

I think there is a bigger strategic point here as well. How does the West tackle these sorts of crises in North Africa and the Middle East. We have tried intervening in Libya and it has led to almost total chaos. We've tried not intervening in Syria and we are left with a humanitarian catastrophe.

So it really means that there is no template, no model for success, and we are left with what we are seeing now. A deteriorating situation right across the region.

  1. Robert Moore

Islamic State claims 'could be crude propaganda attempt'

American intelligence agencies are now urgently examining these claims.

It is possible this is Islamic State propaganda - a crude attempt to create some kind of rift between Jordan and the United States by claiming it was a Jordanian bomb that killed Kayla Jean Mueller.

Without knowing her fate, we can say the 26-year-old is a very remarkable young woman: she worked in an orphanage in India, taught English to Tibetan refugees and had gone to Syria to help as well.

The White House and State Department are liaising very closely with her family in Arizona.

  1. Robert Moore

Extreme IS video may be bait to drag in Western forces

The White House and the Pentagon will understand that the extremity of the brutality in this video is bait by Islamic State to drag in Western ground forces to the quagmire that is Syria.

A video appearing to show the murder of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh was released today. Credit: Reuters

The US is most unlikely to take that bait but Jordan is already reacting.

The country has said it is going to execute a number of jihadi prisoners in revenge including the would-be-female suicide bomber who was due to be exchanged for that Jordanian pilot.

President Obama has spoken out about this horrifying video, saying the resolve of the coalition will not be shaken.

Meanwhile, Jordanian King Abdullah is to cut short his visit to the US and fly back imminently to deal with the crisis and address his country's people.

  1. Robert Moore

US debates whether to arm Ukrainian military

No decision has yet been made, but undoubtedly both at the White House and in Congress there is a very active debate about providing serious some weaponry to the Ukrainian military.

ITV News Washington correspondent Robert Moore reports:

This weaponry would most likely include systems like anti-tank missiles, and also possibly surveillance drones.

Advocates of this course of action say it is critically important that President Putin is deterred; that sanctions are not working in that regard and that Kiev must have the right to defend its territory.

But there is also a big strategic risk.

It could very rapidly escalate the situation in Eastern Ukraine - it could also turn the contours of the fighting into more of a Cold War-style confrontation, witrh Moscos providing weaponry to one side and Washington to the other.

It is a fateful decision, but it does seem that some European governments such as France and Germany would be reluctant to support such a US move.

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