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Washington Correspondent Robert Moore covers all major North America stories for ITV News and led our coverage of the US presidential race in 2012. He is one of ITV's most experienced correspondents and has previously been based in London, Moscow, Brussels and Jerusalem

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Texas Ebola response has been a lesson to the world

It has now been confirmed that the remaining patient here, Nina Pharm, also known as 'Nurse 1' will be transferred from this hospital to a specialist unit in Maryland, just outside of Washington DC.

An ambulance transporting Amber Joy Vinson, a US nurse who has Ebola. Credit: Reuters

I think here everybody recognises this is has been a public health and a public relations disaster, but less talked about and probably more significant is how valuable a lesson this has been.

Really teaching everybody around the world that however sophisticated your medical infrastructure is, when it comes to the Ebola virus nothing really beats good preparation and excellent education.

  1. Robert Moore

Ebola: 'Not clear if this is the end of outbreak in Texas'

Credit: ITV News

By ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore

Beneath the calm veneer here in Texas, it has been a pretty grim day for health officials: What on Earth was a nurse doing who had been recently treating an Ebola patient travelling across the US on a passenger plane?

Yes, it was the day before her own symptoms became apparent but never-the-less, I think by anybody's account, a very clear breach of safety protocols.

That nurse,Amber Vinson, is being transferred to another hospital in Atlanta - in part to perhaps take the pressure and scrutiny off this hospital.

But remember also there was a team of 70 of doctors and nurses dealing with Thomas Duncan in his dying days; it's not at all clear that the infection of these two nurses is actually the end of this potentially growing outbreak.

  1. Robert Moore

Video claims IS threat to 'behead a British hostage'

Perhaps most ominously from a British point of view, in the video which claimed to show the beheading of Steven Sotloff, there is also now an additional threat. That it [Islamic State] will kill - behead - a British hostage, who it allegedly holds in its hands. There is real concern now for the British security services about whether the Islamic State might carry out this latest threat.

  1. Robert Moore

No combat role for US but boots will be on the ground

A small but very revealing and significant shift is underway. The White House is no longer saying no US troops on the ground. Rather no US troops on the ground in a combat role, recognising the reality that some kind of rescue mission is going to happen and very quickly.

Obviously one option is a humanitarian corridor. I think more likely is some kind of massive airlift, simply because of the urgency of the situation and the judgement that many of the displaced people are too weak to walk, and that a corridor would be very difficult and problematic to try to secure.

Even an airlift would be challenging because clearly Islamic State militants would regard killing or capturing any US soldiers or airmen as a major propaganda coup. It is clear that even in terms of force protection, this could slip into a combat situation. For this President that would be a massive reversal, which is why tonight the White House is still saying no final decision has yet been made.

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