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Washington Correspondent Robert Moore covers all major North America stories for ITV News and led our coverage of the US presidential race in 2012. He is one of ITV's most experienced correspondents and has previously been based in London, Moscow, Brussels and Jerusalem

  1. Robert Moore

Passport refusal may have sparked furious Ottawa attack

Police now say they believe Michael Zehaf-Bibeau did act alone, in other words this was the classic lone wolf attack that is so difficult to prevent and to anticipate.

Zehaf-Bibeau was not one of the 93 so-called aspirational jihadist who was actually under active surveillance but he had applied for a passport and that application had been denied.

Police are now saying that it may have been that setback that actually triggered the attack on parliament. In other words it was an act of fury for not being able to join the jihadist struggle in the heartland of Iraq and Syria.

But for counter terrorism officials and for police far beyond Canada, the question is how many others may still try and emulate what Zehaf-Bibeau did here yesterday.

  1. Robert Moore

Canada is resilient but vulnerable a day after Ottawa attack

According to police it does seem increasingly likely this was some sort of lone wolf style operation by the gunman. But we still don't know if he had a network of supporters and even whether he had an allegiance to the Islamic State.

Frustratingly he was on the radar screen of counter-terrorism officials. Not under active surveillance but we believe that he'd applied for a passport and been denied it.

Talking to MPs here today I got the sense, paradoxically, of relief, many thought that without the intervention of the Sergeant-at-Arms this tragedy would have been a great deal more serious.

  1. Robert Moore

Texas Ebola response has been a lesson to the world

It has now been confirmed that the remaining patient here, Nina Pharm, also known as 'Nurse 1' will be transferred from this hospital to a specialist unit in Maryland, just outside of Washington DC.

An ambulance transporting Amber Joy Vinson, a US nurse who has Ebola. Credit: Reuters

I think here everybody recognises this is has been a public health and a public relations disaster, but less talked about and probably more significant is how valuable a lesson this has been.

Really teaching everybody around the world that however sophisticated your medical infrastructure is, when it comes to the Ebola virus nothing really beats good preparation and excellent education.

  1. Robert Moore

Ebola: 'Not clear if this is the end of outbreak in Texas'

Credit: ITV News

By ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore

Beneath the calm veneer here in Texas, it has been a pretty grim day for health officials: What on Earth was a nurse doing who had been recently treating an Ebola patient travelling across the US on a passenger plane?

Yes, it was the day before her own symptoms became apparent but never-the-less, I think by anybody's account, a very clear breach of safety protocols.

That nurse,Amber Vinson, is being transferred to another hospital in Atlanta - in part to perhaps take the pressure and scrutiny off this hospital.

But remember also there was a team of 70 of doctors and nurses dealing with Thomas Duncan in his dying days; it's not at all clear that the infection of these two nurses is actually the end of this potentially growing outbreak.

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