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Rohit is the UK Editor for ITV News, concentrating on major issues affecting the UK including counter-terrorism and national security. He was previously Africa Correspondent, covering stories across the African continent. In 2011 Rohit won Young Journalist of the Year at the Royal Television Society Awards for Journalism.

  1. Rohit Kachroo

'Pop-up terror attacks' now greater risk to UK

Lee Rigby was mown down and stabbed in the street in May last year. Credit: ITV News

So-called 'pop-up' terror attacks, like the one on soldier Lee Rigby, now pose a greater risk to the UK than organised plots like 7/7.

Smaller, less organised attacks, where a few people, or even a single individual is targeted, show the nature of terror attacks is changing.

What went wrong in the Rigby case will be revealed in a report due out tomorrow.

Serious questions will be raised about what the police and intelligence services did and didn't do, and what they might have to do in the future to stop such attacks before they happen.

  1. Rohit Kachroo

'Significant number' of Brits in Syria want to come home

Credit: Reuters

A "significant number" of the 500 Britons who went to fight in Syria now want to return home.

These include some who have witnesses the atrocities of Islamic State firsthand.

Should they be allowed to return home? It is a question not just affecting the UK, but many Western countries.

Denmark has been positively welcoming in the return of jihadists, believing firmly in the process of rehabilitation.

But the Danish example has proved that sifting between the dangerous and the disillusioned can be a complex and expensive process.

  1. Rohit Kachroo

Prosecution mock Pistorius lawyers' house arrest plea

"He should go home, he should go stay in the luxurious house where he's staying and be so kind as to two days a month, go and do some community service," prosecutor Gerrie Nel says in a scathing summary of the defence's argument.

Oscar Pistorius at his sentencing hearing in Pretoria on Friday. Credit: Reuters
  1. Rohit Kachroo

Dewani admits to sexual interactions with male prostitutes

Shrien Dewani, the British businessman accused of murdering his wife on their honeymoon in Cape Town, was drawn to her by "a mutual chemistry", his trial has heard.

Honeymoon murder accused Shrien Dewani in court today. Credit: REUTERS/Mike Hutchings

They often argued but had been excited about building their life together, according to a statement written by Mr Dewani which was read to the court.

Towards the end of April 2010 we started discussing a future together and our relationship became more serious...In preparation for our married life together Anni and I had been discussing living arrangements.

– Shrien Dewani's statement

The defendant says he and Anni chose Cape Town for their honeymoon because "neither of us had been and SA matched our initials".

Mr Dewani revealed that he is bisexual in the statement, read in court at the start of his trial: "I have had sexual interactions with males and females", he wrote.

"My sexual interactions with males were mostly physical experiences or emails chats with people I met online or in clubs; including prostitutes", the statement says.

  1. Rohit Kachroo

Oscar Pistorius sobbed as murder charge eliminated

The hearing will continue tomorrow when Oscar Pistorius is likely to find out whether or not he is guilty of culpable homicide.

But earlier he broke down, he sobbed, he was comforted by his siblings, as he heard that the most serious charges of murder and pre-meditated murder had been eliminated. He did not intend to kill his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, the judge decided.

This has taken four hours of judgement today.

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