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Currently based in Johannesburg, Rohit Kachroo is the Africa Correspondent for ITV News, covering stories across the African continent. In 2011 Rohit won Young Journalist of the Year at the Royal Television Society Awards for Journalism.

Oscar Pistorius sobbed as murder charge eliminated

The hearing will continue tomorrow when Oscar Pistorius is likely to find out whether or not he is guilty of culpable homicide.

But earlier he broke down, he sobbed, he was comforted by his siblings, as he heard that the most serious charges of murder and pre-meditated murder had been eliminated. He did not intend to kill his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, the judge decided.

This has taken four hours of judgement today.

Divides deepen in Iraq as condemnation of IS spreads

Two attacks help tell the complex picture here in Iraq.

Firstly in Jalula, a city that was taken by Islamic State (IS) just a few days ago. Today, Kurdish and Iraqi forces fought back, regaining territory, helped no doubt by those 93 American air strikes over the last two weeks. IS said that it lost 50 of its militants in the firefight there.

And yet, north-east of Baghdad, a quite different story: A Sunni mosque was stormed there today - 70 worshippers were killed. Sunni politicians blame Shi'ite militiamen. Some of those politicians will now back out of discussions about forming a future government for this country.

It does seem here that sectarianism remains a barrier to political unity, yet abroad there is growing unity. Tonight, Saudi Arabia said it wanted the destruction of IS. The Americans today saying that the group is more deadly, more powerful than it was six months ago.

'Unprecedented' humanitarian response begins in Iraq

Plane loads of British aid will form part of this unprecedented humanitarian response, by air, by land, and by sea as well - recognition perhaps of the depth of the crisis here, which has seen half a million people forced from their homes.

It begins tonight with the first deliveries of British aid - cooking utensils and tents too, it goes on for another 10 days after this as well.

And so from tomorrow, Boeing 747s will land here in Irbil, convoys of lorries will converge here, two as well from Jordan, and from Turkey.

And all of this managed by the United Nations, which will no doubt be accused of doing too little and acting too late.

But countries like the UK and perhaps the US as well will be happy to have their response defined in humanitarian terms, aware of the limited appetite for military action at home, and so the global response to the Islamic State has been described as being 'muddled' and 'too late' - the humanitarian response seems to be gaining momentum and clarity too.

Pistorius looked drained and yawned through hearing

Oscar Pistorius appeared incredibly drained both yawing and stretching throughout the hearing. In the last few moments he seemed incredibly emotional when his relationship with Reeva Steenkamp was discussed.

This has been a five month legal process, but perhaps there is another reason for the strain. Pistorius' brother, who has been here almost every day throughout this trial, is lying in a hospital bed now. He is seriously injured on a ventilator, having been involved in a car crash at the weekend.

Perhaps both sides will be willing an end to this process. Tomorrow, after today's prosecution closing argument, the court will hear from the defence legal team. A day not for major revelations but for a reiteration before a verdict is delivered, perhaps, in a few weeks time.

Psychiatrist who evaluated Oscar Pistorius hospitalised

By Rohit Kachroo: Africa Correspondent

A psychiatrist who evaluated Oscar Pistorius has been hospitalised, his defence team has confirmed to ITV News. Prosecutors say they are unsure whether the illness will cause a delay to the Olympian's murder trial, which has lasted almost four months.

The psychiatrist who evaluated Oscar Pistorius has been hospitalised. Credit: Safodien Mujahid/ABACA/Press Association Images

Pistorius is due to return to court on Monday following a 30 day psychiatric assessment. Although his examination is complete, written reports by a panel of specialists must now be presented to the court.

Defence and prosecution sources say they hope the trial will resume without delay.

Julius Malema's party currently on 6% of the vote

The ANC is accused of corruption and ineptitude, but is coasting towards another big win in the South African election.

Julius Malema's EFF party is third - currently at 6%.

Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Party (EFF). Credit: Reuters
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