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As one of ITV's Political Correspondents, Romilly is based at Westminster. She has previously been ITV's Royal Correspondent

  1. Romilly Weeks

Three main parties 'need to pull a rabbit out of a hat'

All three main parties certainly seem to agree that they've got to pull some sort of a rabbit out of a hat.

These proposals for greater devolution for Scotland are not an entirely new rabbit - over the past few months all three parties have come up with their own plans for Scotland in the event of a No vote to have greater powers.

The Scottish independence referendum takes place on 18 September. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

What there hasn't been up to now is any coherence nor any concrete timetable.

What the parties have to do over the next few days is not only come up with a consensus, but also to be able to present it in such a way that they can say to Scottish voters that if you vote No you're not voting for no change.