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Prince Andrew accuser: 'I just called him Andy'

The timing couldn't really be worse.

Prince Andrew is due here in Switzerland tomorrow, he's hosting a reception, we expect him to make a speech, there's even been speculation that he might make a personal denial of these earlier allegations.

The woman who has accused Prince Andrew of sexual misconduct has repeated the claims in fresh US court documents

They've been made by a woman identified in court papers only as Jane Doe Number Three - we know her as Virginia Roberts.

She's been photographed with Prince Andrew, a picture that was taken when she was a 17-year-old. She says in her court declaration: "I knew he was a member of the British Royal Family but I just called him Andy."

The timing of this follows a very strong denial from Buckingham Palace and the woman who's making the accusation has responded to that very forcefully herself.

Buckingham Palace for their part are not saying anything more than their earlier denial tonight.

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