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Tom Bradby is Political Editor for ITV News, renowned for his expert analysis and inimitable interviewing style. Tom led ITV News coverage of the 2010 General Election and regularly conducts exclusive interviews with the most influential figures in Westminster and the political arena - his interview with John Bercow was shortlisted for the Nick Clarke Award in 2009.

  1. Tom Bradby

Ukip's Mark Reckless clarifies stance on migrants

There is no doubt that other political parties, particularly the Tories, have tried pretty hard to trash Ukip. It doesn't seem to have affected them very much, partly because the people who are voting for Ukip or are tempted to do so believe that they are voicing uncomfortable truths, that the liberal media doesn't want to talk about.

That said, I've found tonight Ukip officials acknowledging that any hint of extremism does damage them, because people want to speak uncomfortable truths, but they don't want to be seen as extreme.

There are two questions about this: One did Mark Reckless say anything out of line, and secondly did people find that extreme. I have to say I wasn't there, I don't know.

From what I can hear it does look as though he was implying that people already settled here wouldn't necessarily be aloud to stay if Ukip were in power and that certainly isn't the normal party line. He has backtracked of course and I think people are going to look at that and decide what they make of it.

  1. Tom Bradby

Labour facing morale crisis as Miliband questions mount

Labour leader Ed Miliband has faced questions over his leadership. Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

It is very hard for the Labour Party to get rid of its leaders, and there is virtually no chance of Ed Miliband being removed before the General Election.

So what is this latest rebellion about? Yes, he is behind on leadership ratings, but he is seen as being more in touch with voters' concerns than his opponents - so it is not all bad.

Essentially, this is a morale problem. A lot of Conservative MPs are now beginning to believe that they might win this election. Few Labour MPs feel the same.

That is what Ed Miliband needs to change in a hurry.

  1. Tom Bradby

Referendum was an enormous scare to Westminster

  • By ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby

David Cameron normally wakes up around 5:30 so he will be up by now and will know that his job has been saved effectively. A lot of Tory MPs in recent months have been saying that if he was the Prime Minister who lost the union he would have to go.

This was an enormous scare for him and the whole of the Westminster village. To be blunt, it was absolutely clear that an awful lot of people in Scotland had concluded that practically anything would be better than being ruled by Westminster.

So there's a lot of deep thinking that needs to go on here. The Prime Minister's immediate task is first of all to say to the Scots: 'We were serious about giving you more devolution.' But also to say to the English: 'Look we understand that that leaves everyone else, and the Welsh and Northern Irish, with constitutional questions. We will address that'.

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