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Tom Bradby is Political Editor for ITV News, renowned for his expert analysis and inimitable interviewing style. Tom led ITV News coverage of the 2010 General Election and regularly conducts exclusive interviews with the most influential figures in Westminster and the political arena - his interview with John Bercow was shortlisted for the Nick Clarke Award in 2009.

  1. Tom Bradby

Referendum was an enormous scare to Westminster

  • By ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby

David Cameron normally wakes up around 5:30 so he will be up by now and will know that his job has been saved effectively. A lot of Tory MPs in recent months have been saying that if he was the Prime Minister who lost the union he would have to go.

This was an enormous scare for him and the whole of the Westminster village. To be blunt, it was absolutely clear that an awful lot of people in Scotland had concluded that practically anything would be better than being ruled by Westminster.

So there's a lot of deep thinking that needs to go on here. The Prime Minister's immediate task is first of all to say to the Scots: 'We were serious about giving you more devolution.' But also to say to the English: 'Look we understand that that leaves everyone else, and the Welsh and Northern Irish, with constitutional questions. We will address that'.

  1. Tom Bradby

Cameron: Throwing kitchen sink at No campaign

By ITV News political editor Tom Bradby

It was an interesting and quite calibrated speech from David Cameron.

The polls tell us a lot of women in particular are undecided. It appears to be because they are thinking about the families and their well-being.

Mr Cameron was directly addressing them, saying 'If you're not sure, please don't do it' because you won't be better off and you may indeed be worse off.

We've seen a very orchestrated No campaign. They've thrown the kitchen sink at it. We've practically been told the sunshine will never shine on an independent Scotland.

But the Yes campaign are clearly frustrated - some of the attacks on journalists and the march on the BBC seems a bit creepy to some of us - but nevertheless there's genuine frustration there.

Journalists meanwhile need to keep on concentrating on the facts and there is clearly a lot of focus on Mr Salmond and his economic policy because it does seem that it is based on something which won't be in his control.

Mr Cameron himself is just trying to throw the kitchen sink at it at this point.

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