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10 years since Dame Kelly Holmes won gold

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Dame Kelly Holmes won two gold medals at the Athens Olympics Credit: Suzan/Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

It's 10 years since Dame Kelly Holmes won two gold medals at the Athens Olympics. The runner, who is from Hildenborough in Kent, received a massive turnout to her open-top bus parade through Tonbridge when she returned home from the games. She later received a 'damehood' from the Queen.

Weapons discovered in Worthing pond

Police are hoping to reunite burglary victims with their possessions after finding hundreds hidden in a pond in Worthing.

Officers from Sussex Police's specialist search unit have recovered more than 850 items that are believed to have been stolen in burglaries in the county.

Among the items recovered have been necklaces, brooches, rings and trinkets.

Police are hoping to reunite these items to their owners Credit: Sussex Police

There are also handguns, a machete and knives in the haul that are being examined to see if they are linked to any other crimes.

The search was carried out after a dog that left its owner and jumped into the pond in Whitebeam Wood, Durrington, emerged with a jacket and some cufflinks on 23 July.

The recovered items have been cleaned and examined but officers have been unable to identify who many of them belong to.

If they have been stolen, they can be returned to their owners and officers may be given more evidence that could help catch and prosecute those responsible for taking them.

"Many of these items are not particularly expensive but could hold great personal value to the owners. We have already identified some of the items as having been stolen in burglaries in Sussex but we want to find out who owns the rest of them. If you recognise any of the items, or think some could belong to you, please get in touch with us."

– Detective Constable Emma Fields


HMS Illustrious to be decommissioned

HMS Illustrious is being replaced by HMS Ocean Credit: ITV Meridian

Hundreds of people are expected in Portsmouth today to watch the official decomission ceremony for the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious. It's been in active service for 32 years and is the oldest ship in the Royal Navy's active fleet. Illustrious is being replaced by HMS Ocean which has just undergone a sixty five million pound refit.

Arson attacks under the spotlight

by Tom Savvides

The work of a new team of forensic scientists in the south east could help uncover whether a fire has been started deliberately. The University of Kent at Canterbury has set up a fire investigation unit to examine suspicious substsances and liquids found at the scene of a blaze. Tom Savvides talks to Emma Wilson from the company Prometheus and Bob Green from the University of Kent


Chronic brick shortage threatens housebuilding across the south

With high house prices in South, many people can't afford to move - so they look at extending their homes - as a way of making more space. But they're coming up against a brick wall.

Yes, a chronic shortage of bricks means your builder could be waiting for up to a year, before receiving the right ones for the job. In an exclusive report, Cary Johnston has been to meet ... Bob the builder.

Waste centre fire still burning after five weeks

There's a fire in the Thames Valley that's been burning for over a month and it still isn't out.

Firefighters were called to the Averies Recycling Centre in Swindon on the 21st of July - nearly five weeks ago, now.

Nearly two weeks later, the council told the plant to remove 3 thousand tonnes of waste to let crews get closer to the source of the fire.

A fortnight later, Averies was served an enforcement notice as it had failed to take any of it away.

The Environment Agency took over the clean-up operation a few days later.

Well today crews employed a new tactic to try and put the fire out, as Bob Constantine reports.

New flood defences for Purley-on-Thames

It was hit hard by flooding - one of the worst affected areas - today though, defences are finally being installed at Purley on Thames - to try and protect it in the future.

70 homes there were affected by the rising waters over winter but it wasn't the first time - for many years there's been a problem.

Now a five metre wide embankment is being built - but many living there say it won't solve the problem. Divya Kohli reports.

Margate burglar jailed

Krystian Dubis has been sentenced to 28 months in prison Credit: Kent Police

A serial burglar who was caught after detectives tracked him down by his fingerprints has been sentenced to 28 months in prison.

Krystian Dubis, 23, of Athelstan Road, Margate, was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on Friday 22 August after pleading guilty to burgling a dwelling in Cliftonville.

He entered the address in Stanley Road, through a window on 6 July and stole a laptop and charger worth £150.

Dubis was arrested on 25 July after officers found his fingerprints at the scene of the burglary.

He also admitted a charge of burglary other than dwelling in connection with stolen tools worth £1,000 taken from a communal cupboard in Union Crescent, Margate on 10 July.

"Due to overwhelming evidence by police Dubis had no option but to admit his guilt. This man showed little respect for people and stole their belongings without a second thought. I hope his sentence of 28 months will serve as a warning to anyone who is considering carrying out similar offences. Our team of detectives are committed to investigating reports of burglaries in the Thanet area and will continue to put their efforts into bringing offenders before the courts."

– Detective Sergeant Neil Watford, of Kent Police
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