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Police: Two arrested on suspicion of terror offences

A man and a woman have been arrested on suspicion of terror offences, West Midlands Police has said.

The 24-year-old man from Reading and 23-year-old woman from Wokingham are believed to be friends, and were arrested earlier this evening on suspicion of preparing for acts of terrorism in the UK.

Police said the arrests were intelligence led and made to safeguard public safety. However, the action taken was pre-planned and police assess that the pair did not pose any imminent threat.


Mum's heart stopped - until son Jordan lay beside her

The extraordinary bond between a mum and her new-born appears to have saved the mother's life.

New mum Holli Cheung from Aylesbury was critically ill in hospital. She was on a life support machine after her heart stopped beating and hospital doctors had all but given up hope.

They were considering the drastic step of a heart transplant - but then Holli's husband placed their three-month-old baby by her side.

Suddenly Holli's heart started to beat again. Cary Johnston reports.

Scams: 'Everyone is now a potential victim'

They target the most vulnerable and trusting people in our communities, using the goodwill of the elderly to con them out of their hard-earned savings. Tonight the police are warning about the dramatic increase in scams.

There has been almost a thousand cases of so-called 'Courier Fraud' in Sussex alone in the past five months. That's where people are tricked into handing over credit or debit cards, cash and PIN numbers to someone posing as a police officer or bank official.

The police say the sheer variety of these scams are now so elaborate - everyone is a potential victim.

Andy Dickenson reports and we hear from 87-year-old scam victim Dennis, PC Bernadette Lawrie, and fraud victim Helen Brown.


  1. Tom Savvides

Calls for Germany to act over Thalidomide drug

They have been fighting for compensation for more than fifty years - victims of the Thalidomide scandal. Now people from the south east affected by the drug are among those who've taken their campaign to the European Parliament. More than two thousand babies were born with deformed limbs in the Sixties after their mothers took the morning sickness drug made in Germany. Pressure is now being put on the German government to pay millions of pounds in compensation. This report from Tom Savvides includes interviews with campaigner Alison Wright, Labour MEP Anneliese Dodds and campaigner Michaelina Argy.

Artwork destroyed in Ashford revamp

It cost 16 million pounds to construct seven years ago - and it has a few fans and many enemies: pedestrians AND motorists. And now Ashford town centre's 'shared space' scheme is cracking up. Expensive repair work started today. But it will mean the destruction of a 100 thousand pound artwork. Andrea Thomas reports. She spoke to local traders and Ashford Borough Councillor Bernard Heyes.

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