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Extinct birds arrive at Surrey animal park

The Great Bustard (the heaviest flying animal alive today) was once very much part of the British wildlife but sadly this spectacular bird was hunted to extinction in this country by the 1840's.

When close to hatching, the eggs were checked three times a day, and as soon one started to hatch it was moved to a special unit with high humidity.

Birdworld has a long history with the Great Bustard Reintroduction project and looks to raise awareness of the plight of the bird species.

It is always a great opportunity when avicultural skills can be used to aid in conservation of threatened species.

With the Great Bustard project, knowing that we have contributed to such a momentous and ambitious reintroduction project has filled the whole team with pride.

Birdworld is providing advice and expertise relating to incubation and transport of eggs which will hopefully continue into the future and we have also provided advice relating to captive husbandry of these enigmatic birds.

Through our visitors we are able to raise both awareness and funds and look forward to the Great Bustard Project enjoying even greater success in the future.”

– Duncan Bolton, Birdworld Curator


'Benefits Street' follow up causes row with residents

A community has clashed with television producers over a new documentary being made in their street.

Filming for 'Immigration Street' is already underway on Derby Road in the Northam area of Southampton. It's being made by the same people who produced the controversial documentary 'Benefits Street' filmed in Birmingham.

The documentary makers say Derby Road has been chosen because more than half of residents were born outside of the UK. But some people in the neighbourhood fear the programme will cause tension and negativity. Richard Slee reports.

Preparations hot up for free school meals

Hundreds of schools are preparing to provide free school meals for every child aged four to seven.

But some councils say they haven't been given the money they need to upgrade kitchens - one says they are having to make up a shortfall of three million pounds to ensure pupils get a hot meal.

Several schools elsewhere say they'll only be able to offer sandwiches because they don't have the space or right facilities.

Our social affairs correspondent Christine Alsford reports.


Full report into Peaches Geldof inquest

A inquest into the death of model and TV presenter Peaches Geldof has heard that she died from a heroin overdose after starting to use the drug again just a few weeks earlier.

Her musician husband Tom Cohen found the 25-year-old mother of two slumped on a bed surrounded by drugs paraphernalia at their home in Kent in April.

Today the coroner said there was no evidence she intended to take her own life. A police investigation continues into who supplied the drugs that killed her. Watch Sarah Saunders report.

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