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Soldiers commended for bravery

Corporal Robert King and Corporal Baljit Limbu Photo: MoD

Two soldiers from the South East are to receive a mention in dispatches for bravery during service in Afghanistan.

Corporal Robert King, 26, from Bexhill-on-Sea, ran through enemy fire twice to treat and evacuate an Afghan soldier who had been shot in the chest during a patrol in Central Helmand.

Gurkha Corporal Baljit Limbu, 32, led the rescue of a severely wounded comrade injured in an explosion.

Corporal Robert King on duty in Afghanistan Credit: MoD

Corporal King, of the 9th / 12th Royal Lancers was with his section when it came under fire as they reached a build-up of insurgents in the village of Nazeran, when the Afghan soldier was shot.

Cpl King immediately sprinted the 20 metres of open ground to reach the fallen soldier, giving him first aid before a medic could join him. The soldier had been shot through the stomach.

The former Bexhill High School student said: " I could tell it was serious when I reached him but I didn't doubt he would recover when we got him on the evacuation helicopter.

The Afghan soldier spent a month in intensive care before being discharged.

For his bravery he is to be presented with the Mention in Dispatches which is the oldest form of recognition for gallantry in the UK Armed Forces.

His citation reads: "King dispalyed exceptional courage, outstanding professionalism and impressive coolness under fire. However, what was truly noteworthy and commendable was that he was prepared to risk his own life to treat and evacuate a wounded Afghan soldier."

Corporal Baljit Limbu of the Royal Gurkha Rifles Credit: MoD

Corporal Limbu was the second last man in his three man patrol when a massive explosion threw him and his men into the air.

Cpl Limbu was knocked unconscious. As he came around he realised the last man in the patrol was barely conscious.

He said: " I remember a big bang and I must have been thrown about 50 metres. I woke up facing the opposite direction we had been patrolling in and a long way away from here I had been stood."

Ignoring his own injuries, Cpl Limbu dragged his colleague, who had sustained severe back injuries, to safety and began giving him first aid.

He is also award the Mention in Dispatches.

His citation reads: "Limbu repeatedly displayed exemplary bravery. He consolidated his reputation as a most resilient commander and his demonstration of unfailing leadership in adversity and danger was inspirational both for the company and the wider battlegroup."

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